Who Is Chet Goldstein? Everything To Know About The Predator Poachers

Who Is Chet Goldstein? Everything To Know About The Predator Poachers

Chet Goldstein’s recent video on the internet is viral; however, it has been considered age-restricted by YouTube. 

Chet Goldstein is an American Web star and a content creator. 

Most of the viewers are not aware that the Predator Poachers channel is banned from YouTube.

Recently the EDP445 channel was banned from YouTube; Bryant Moreland owner of the EDP445, was caught fixing a meet-up with a 13-year-old girl.

This act has named him a child predator. However, he was trying to hide the fact from the outsiders.

Likewise, Goldstein later revealed the video from his YouTube channel. 

He called Bryant the n-word numerous times. Since then, he has also been banned from YouTube. 

Let us leave EDP445 out of this and focus on the personal life of Chet Goldstein.

Quick Facts:
Name Chet Goldstein
Age 35-45
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Youtuber
Youtube Predator Poachers

Chet Goldstein Age And Height- How Old Is He?

Chet Goldstein appears to fall in the age group of 35-45 years old.

For now, there is no information on Chet Goldstein’s age and birthday. We assumed the age of Chet by looking at his recent images online. 

Chet became viral recently. So there is no information on his body measurements.

But as per his physical structure, he seems to stand 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Chet Goldstein Net Worth

The net worth of Chet Goldstein is not exposed.

The fact that he became recently popular on social media can be why his net worth is not revealed.

Chet Goldstein was banned from YouTube. They have lost one of their important assets. They have to start over to regain their subscribers. 

Their financial status was hit badly by this band. Their channel reviews are pretty bad online.

Though they exposed Bryant Moreland, people are not happy with their actions towards Bryant.

Chet and its associated individuals were called racist by the viewers online.

Most of the reviews online quote that Chet Goldstein should be ashamed of using a 13-year gold just for the sake of their video.

Well, this was considered horrible, and who knows when Chet will be back on YouTube.

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