Chloé Robichaud Conjoint: Everything To Know About The Film Director

Chloé Robichaud Conjoint: Everything To Know About The Film Director

Award-winning filmmaker Chloé Robichaud’s Conjoint is Katherine levac, and they are expecting their children. Besides, her net worth is over a million dollars.

Chloe Robichaud is a well-experienced Canadian filmmaker who is widely recognized for her work in the movies such as Boundaries, Sarah Prefers to Run, and many more.

Besides, Chloe has won various awards, including New Directors Competition at the Seattle International Film Festival in 2017.

 She made her feature film debut with Sarah Prefers to Run.

Apart from that, Chloe is a talented personality who actively works in the showbiz industry for a long time.

 Moreover, Robichaud has worked on more than 15 movies and series.

Who Is Chloé Robichaud Conjoint? Details On Her Family

Chloe Robichaud’s conjoint, Katherine levac, is expecting their two children soon.

Besides, Robichaud has shared pictures of her partner on Instagram, where we can see her pregnant.

Apart from that, Chloe came out as lesbian, and Katherine has said that Chloe is the mother of her children.

Further details regarding Chloe’s family and parents are unknown.

Chloé Robichaud Age: How Old Is She?

Regarding Chloe Robichaud’s age, she is 33 years old.

She was born in Cap-Rouge, Quebec, in 1988 and enjoyed her birthday on January 31 every year.

Robichaud graduated from the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University in 2010.

What Is Chloé Robichaud Net Worth?

Chloe Robichaud’s net worth is projected to be around $$950,000, according to the NetWorthPost.

We can be sure that Robichaud has gathered an impressive fortune from her long-term career in the film industry.

Meanwhile, Chloe has worked with different professionals who might have helped her gain more profit.

Follow Chloé Robichaud On Instagram

Concerning her online presence, Chloe Robichaud uses Instagram under the username @chloerobish.

Her IG account has gained more than 9k followers.

Chloe provides her daily updates through Instagram and also runs her website.