Chloeismyname69420 is available on Instagram or not is the question people have been asking after her first TikTok account was taken down from the TikTok after being reported many times.

Furthermore, she has been in the trending videos in the TikTok account as she posted a few videos of her exposing her habits and body in the account. She has been posting some videos confronting her weird behaviors and other habits that are weird for the normal person. However, she has gained many followers of her own in the app which makes her recognizable in the app. If you are willing to know more about her then below are ten interesting facts about her to know her better.

Quick Facts:
Name Chloeismyname69420
Age 16
Gender Female
Height Around 5 feet 3 inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Tiktok Star
Married/Single Unmarried
Tiktok chloeismyname69420

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10 Facts on Chloeismyname69420

  1. Chloeismyname69420 is a TikTok account for Chloe who is running the second account after her first account got taken down.
  2. About her birth, she was born and raised in Nebraska, United States of America, but there’s isn’t much information about her birthday.
  3. From her account, it is known that she is currently at the age of 16.
  4. But, we don’t have a hold on to the information about her social media accounts like Instagram or Twitter.
  5. Also, her real name is supposed to be Chloe but there isn’t much information about her details.
  6. Physically, she is well built as she stands a decent height and maintained body but there isn’t information about her measurement.
  7. Adding to that, she hasn’t shared any information about her parents and other members of the family.
  8. Furthermore, she hasn’t shared her relationship details like her being in a relationship with her boyfriend.
  9. But, in her videos, she has mentioned her having a few relationships.
  10. Lastly, her TikTok account is now followed by more than 116k users already and her videos are now liked by more than 562k followers

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