Clay Milner Russell

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Clay Milner Russell

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Clay Milner Russell is a British actor and a TV performer. He is considered one of the underrated actors in the show business. He has been constantly contributing as a recurring character on the TV show called EastEnders (1985 – ) where he works alongside the famous Bobby Beale.

Clay’s talent and style of acting are finally getting recognized as he got selected for the lead role in the 2019 British movie County Lines directed by Henry Blake.

Name Clay Milner Russell
Age 20
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Nationality British
Profession Actor

10 Facts on Clay Milner Russell

  1. Clay Milner Russell has not revealed his birthday but he seems to be in his 20s. His actual age might differ from our assumption.
  2. There is literally no information on where he is exactly from. His family background and his parent’s identity is private as of today.
  3. Regarding his net worth, there is not enough information to calculate his financial assets. However, his income is primarily generated from his movies.
  4. Clay has worked in the industry for a decent amount of time but is new to exposure. He is not on Wikipedia yet but has his own IMDB page.
  5. Clay is seen to be a bit shorter side of the spectrum. He stands at below average height of  5 feet and 4 inches.
  6. Like most of the celebrities, Clay keeps his love life fairly private as well. To this date, there has been no news of any potential girlfriends by our sources.
  7. Clay is British by nationality and still works on various projects majorly based in the UK.
  8. Clay is known to be experienced in Theatrical arts, Drama, Method acting, and Balle dancing as well.
  9. He can perform a variety of characters ranging from his British Native to Country People of the US as well as Scottish and Irish accents.
  10. Clay is not available on any social media platform. He has a fan page on Instagram but it is made private as well.

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