Clothing: Kyte Baby Drama On TikTok And McCall Deason Hazel Racist Tweets Controversy Explained

Clothing: Kyte Baby Drama On TikTok And McCall Deason Hazel Racist Tweets Controversy Explained

Kyte Baby Drama on TikTok has got the fans curious. Let us find out what happened between the clothing brand and McCall Deason.

Kyte Baby Drama on TikTok initially attracted negative publicity on the brand. However, it is now getting a good response from the customers and audiences.

Kyte Baby is a popular baby clothing brand. The official website claims that the apparel is made out of incredibly soft bamboo material which is breathable.

Besides clothes, they also sell sleep bags, blankets, and other nursery items for children and toddlers. They are significantly active on social media platforms.

Kyte Baby is promoting their products via Instagram and TikTok like virtual platforms. Although it helps to reach global audiences, just one negative review can doom the business.

The same thing happened with the clothing brand until the air was cleared. Learn about the story in depth.

Clothing: What is Kyte Baby Drama On TikTok?

In recent days, Kyte Baby was backlashed for racism inflicted by one of their employees.

Social media influencer, McCall Deason, whom they partnered with gave hints of racist behaviors. She used TikTok filters on her baby, Hazel to change her eye color.

Also, Deason criticized one of the products that were sent for her child. Amid all this, the brand was defamed and questioned by the customers.

After the incident, Kyte Baby has already apologized to the public and has mentioned that they believe in inclusivity and diversity. Also, they have ended their contract with McCall.

Further, the owner has announced that they will be careful before they partner with anyone in the future.  

McCall Deason-Hazel Racist Tweets Controversy Explained

TikTok star McCall Deason is in controversy for her racist tweets.

After she edited the pictures and videos of her daughter Hazel, people assumed that she was consumed by her internalized racism factor. Then, they began scrolling through her former tweets.

As a result, netizens found some racist posts on her handle. They began slamming her on social media. Meanwhile, she began sharing about her problem with the products of Kyte Baby. 

Currently, McCall has ended the feud and has apologized to the public and the brand as well. She posted a video with 5 different parts on TikTok.

Deason has accumulated over 1.4M followers on her account. Also, she has amassed 88.1K fans on her Instagram handle.


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McCall Deason Husband: How Many Children Do They Have?

McCall Deason, aged 22, has a husband named Jermaine Hood.

The couple has two children so far. They have welcomed daughters named Hazel and Charlie Ann.

After the mess, Deason has stated that she will take great care of her kids from now on. Also, she has clarified that she will use the best products on her babies.

Deason further went on to mention that she had previously ordered the wrong size for her baby. She is back on promoting the Kyte Baby again.

However, it does not seem that the brand will partner with her ever again.

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