Clyde Carl Wilkerson Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Criminal

Clyde Carl Wilkerson Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Criminal

Clyde Carl Wilkerson is not mentioned on Wikipedia since he is a convicted felon responsible for 3 murders and several charges of sexual assault. 

Clyde Carl Wilkerson was a convicted felon who had been served with life imprisonment nearly 30 years after committing the murder and rape. 

He was responsible for the murder of a man, his wife, and later a 27-year-old woman, with some years’ duration. 

Clyde had been arrested around 18 years ago and was sentenced to life and parole after 7 years of serving. However, considering his age at that time, people did not think he would make it to his parole date. 

Now, after these many years, people are eager to know about where he is and find out his recent condition. 

Clyde Carl Wilkerson Wikipedia And Age

Clyde Carl Wilkerson was a convicted felon who was responsible for several murders and sexual charges. 

In 1965, Clyde killed a man by hitting him 20 times in his head and later killed his wife after sexually violating her. It has been reported that he even used objects like candles in the victim’s genitalia. 

Not just that, about 10 years after his first crime, a 27-year-old woman was found dead in her apartment in somehow the same way as earlier. 

After around 28 years of investigation and final DNA analysis, Clyde got arrested and sentenced for the crimes he did. 

Considering the murders and sexual assault in 2 different states, he was sentenced to life imprisonment at the age of 65. 

If Clyde were to be alive now, his age would be around 82 years, since he was born on October 11, 1938. 

Clyde Carl Wilkerson Family

There is no information regarding Clyde Carl Wilkerson’s family. 

Even after these many years of his capture, there are no sources that provide information regarding his family on the web. 

Where is Clyde Carl Today?

According to an article in Blogspot, Clyde Carl Wilkerson is dead. 

It states that he died in Prison. Indeed, it seems quite obvious. When he was sentenced in the year 2003, his health was very poor and he was expected to not make it to the parole deadline. 

Considering that, he did die in prison. 

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