Columbia Mayor: Who Is Daniel Rickenmann Wife Dr Laura Rickenmann? Everything To Know

Columbia Mayor: Who Is Daniel Rickenmann Wife Dr Laura Rickenmann? Everything To Know

Columbia’s new mayor Daniel Rickenmannn’s wife Laura Rickenmann is a professional pediatrician. Detail to follow.

Columbia has elected a new mayor in the name of Daniel Rickenmann.

The longtime resident of Columbia, Mr. Rickenmann defeated his opponent Tameika Isaac Devine in the election.

Devine, who is a fellow councilmember was close to tie with the winner as she was 792 votes behind Rickenmann.

Daniel represents Columbia’s District 4. Prior to his win at this election, he had a history of serving the city as a City Council successfully in 2004.

He has had a lengthy and successful tenure as he was re-elected in 2008 as well. However, he decided to take a break after that tenure to spend his time with family.

We would like to congratulate and look forward to his run as a city’s mayor now.

Meet Daniel Rickenmann’s Wife Laura Rickenmann

Laura Rickenmann is a professional pediatrician for over 2 decades.

The veteran pediatrician has been married with her husband Daniel for near 25 years.

She was actively involved in the recent election as she was supporting her husband which has paid off well.

Completed her education from the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, she serves as a pediatrics in Sandhills Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic.

The Rickenmann family is an active member of Shandon United Methodist Church.

Laura Rickenmann Wikipedia Details

Laura Rickenmann’s bio is not available on Wikipedia.

However, she is known to be a veteran pediatrician and the wife of Columbia’s newest mayor Daniel Rickenmann.

Believed to be in her mid-40s, Dr. Laura Herlong Rickenmann provides special care from infants and toddlers to the adolescents.

She resides with her family his Columbia, North Carolina.

Laura Rickenmann Children

Dr. Laura Rickenmann is a mother of 2 children Carlyle and Ellie.

Laura and Daniel had tied the knot for more than 2 decades and they are a parent of 2 grown daughters.

Carlyle is their first-born daughter who is in her 20s. She is assumed to have finished her university.

Meanwhile, Ellie is 3-years younger than her sister and she is a student at the University of Georgia. Ellie will graduate in 2024.

Laura Rickenmann Net Worth

The net worth of Dr. Laura Rickenmann is not calculated.

But the veteran pediatrics Rickenmann is believed to earn a healthy sum in her decades-long professional career.

Further, she is assumed to share the fortune with her husband who is a newly elected mayor of Columbia.

The University of South Carolina graduate Rickenmann was an owner and partner of several restaurants. He is also involved in several ventures including renewable energy development, food production company, and small projects.   

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