Columbia SC Mayor Race: Who Is Daniel Rickenmann And How Old Is He? Everything To Know

Columbia SC Mayor Race: Who Is Daniel Rickenmann And How Old Is He? Everything To Know

Daniel Rickenmann, at the age of late 40s, is now the newly elected mayor of Columbia.

Daniel Rickenmann is an American politician who is now elected as the mayor of Columbia.

He was in the running for the position alongside Tameika Isaac Devine and the man reportedly beat Devine with 52 percent of votes as per sources.

Now that Rickenmann is confirmed as the mayor of Columbia, the locals as well as other people are curious to know more about him.

Many will be evaluating his background and what he could contribute in the future.

Thus, here is everything you need to know about Daniel Rickenmann including his age and family life.

How Old Is Daniel Rickenmann?

The new mayor of Columbia, Daniel Rickenmann’s age is believed to be around 47-55 years old.

While his exact birthdate details are not disclosed, Daniel looks to be in his late 40s to early 50s based on his appearance and other available information.

He moved to Columbia as a permanent resident when he was still a teenager in 1988 and has been living in the same area since then.

Rickenmann graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Carolina in 1992 at the age of around early 20s.

Fast forward to 29 years later, Rickenmann is probably about to touch the fifties.

Does Daniel Rickenmann Have A Wikipedia Bio?

Daniel Rickenmann doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia bio to this date.

He has just become the mayor and considering his work, Daniel might get a Wikipedia bio page pretty soon in the future.

But as things stand, he is yet to be recognized on the page.

Nonetheless, you can find details about him in this article as well as other sources online.

Daniel Rickenmann Wife And Children

Columbia Mayor Daniel Rickenmann is married to his wife Laura Rickenmann.

Daniel and Laura, a pediatrician, have been married for more than 25 years now and are still pretty jubilant alongside each other.

The couple together has two children and both are gorgeous daughters named Carlyle and Ellie.

Who Are Daniel Rickenmann Parents?

Talking about his parents, Daniel Rickenmann was born to his mother Anita while his father’s name is not known.

Rickenmann lost his father to heart disease when he was at the age of seven.

Raised as a single child in the family by a single mother, Daniel took well care of her during her old age.

His mother Anita passed away around two years ago at the age of 74 to a rare neurological disorder as mentioned on his website.

What Is Daniel Rickenmann Net Worth?

Daniel Rickenmann is thought to have a decent net worth of around $1- $5 million.

Before getting into politics in 2017, Daniel took care of his family business and is believed to have made a pretty good amount of fortune from it.

Because of it, he might have a decent net worth value at the present time.

Nevertheless, the official sources have not confirmed the exact net worth value of the new Columbia mayor.

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