Columbia SC: Who Is Aditi Bussells Husband? Everything On Her Family And More

Columbia SC: Who Is Aditi Bussells Husband? Everything On Her Family And More

Aditi Bussells is a married woman and she does have a husband, but there is nothing specific available about him. Here is everything you need to know about the Columbia City Council winner. 

Aditi Bussells is an American political personality and public health expert who is currently recognized because of the ongoing elections. 

With a difference of a noticeable margin, she has won the Columbia City Council elections and become a Columbia city council member. 

She was one of the most fierce and brave advocates and she has also had a great career journey. People did think that she was the most deserving candidate, which she actually is. 

Focusing on economic growth, better public health, equitable opportunities, and many more, she has surely become a very popular political personality in the States. 

However, not just her professional life, but her personal life has also gathered a lot of public attention lately. 

Indeed, concerns regarding her husband, age, Wikipedia, family, net worth, and related matters are rising all over the web. 

Who Is Aditi Bussells Husband? Meet Her Family

Aditi Bussells is married, and her surname Bussells is actually a result of her marriage. 

However, we do not have much detailed information regarding what her husband’s name is or what he looks like. 

Well, she has mentioned on her Twitter bio that she is the wife of a veteran and frontline worker, meaning her husband is also involved in the health sector. 

So, there is a possibility that they might have met each other because of their professional life and common choice, that is health. 

Moreover, despite the fact that she is married, she does not have any kids yet, and she is just a dog mom until now: She has 2 dogs. 

Talking about her family, she is born to her immigrant parents who were initially from India. You might have noticed that her full name is Aditi Srivastav Bussells. 

Meaning, her parents are Srivastavs, and she married her husband to be Srivastav Bussells. 

Aditi Bussells Age And Wikipedia Explored: How Old Is She?

The age of the Columbia City Council winner Aditi Bussells is just about 31 years old. 

Well. her exact date of birth or birthday is not revealed yet, but considering her past experiences, education, and a few web sources, she is just aged about 31 years old. 

Moreover, talking about Wikipedia, she is not mentioned on the platform despite being such a talented personality. 

Well, she won the election very recently, so she might not have been listed on Wikipedia already. Indeed, we might soon see her on Wikipedia. 

She initially studied BA in American public health at the University of Virginia. Later, for her master’s, she studied at George Washington University where she took Masters’s in Public health as her major. 

Finally, she did her Ph.D. in she studied at the University Of South Carolina-Columbia. 

Aditi Bussells Net Worth Revealed: How Rich Is She?

Aditi Bussells has an estimated net worth of about $500,000. 

As a person who has spent a lot of her time in public health betterment with a lot of experience, she has surely gathered a net worth of about half a million dollars. 

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