Mugshots: Cornelius Smith Jr Arrested, What We Know About Young Dolph Shooting Suspect

Mugshots: Cornelius Smith Jr Arrested, What We Know About Young Dolph Shooting Suspect

Both gunmen, Cornelius Smith Jr and Justin Johnson, accused of the murder of  American rapper Young Dolph are arrested. Details about him are in the article below.

The rapper was shot in his hometown Memphis while shopping inside Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies on 17 November 2021. 

Firstly, on 9 December, Cornelius Smith Jr was arrested, and later another suspect, Justin Johnson, was arrested on 9 January 2022.  

Both men will now be charged with first-degree murder, property theft, and illegal carrying of firearms. 

Mugshots: Cornelius Smith Jr Arrested His Real Name Revealed

On 9 December 2021, Cornelius Smith Jr was arrested for the murder of the famous rapper Young Dolph whose real name was Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. 

He was kept in De Soto jail, but later, he was moved to Shelby County Jail. Currently, he is held without bond. 

Smith got arrested in Southaven, Mississippi, for a car-theft warrant, a white vehicle suspected to be a gateway car after the murder of a rapper. According to the police press release, the white Mercedes car was stolen from Kirby Road gas station on 10 November. 

Alongside Smith, Justin Johnson was also suspected of Dolph murder. After a murder warrant was issued the previous month U.S. Marshal’s Service arrested him on 9 January 2022 in Indiana. 

Young Dolph Killer Age and Wikipedia

Young Dolph killer Cornelius Smith is reported to be 32 years old. Officials have not released any information about his date of birth. 

The murderer just came to the limelight following the murder of Dolph, so much information about him is still unknown. It seems that before the killing of the rapper, Smith was involved in theft and robbery to sustain their lives. 

Cornelius Smith Jr Net Worth 

Cornelius Smith Jr net worth is not published. As he was involved in illegal works. It’s even hard to estimate his net worth. 

According to statistics robbers and theft earns more than $50k in the USA. So, we can make the assumption he may have made the money around the same figures from those activities.  

However, rapper Young Dolph had an estimated net worth of $3 million. He had released 8 albums and sold millions of albums globally. 

Murder Charges And Reddit Shooting Video

On 17 November 2021, Cornelius Smith Jr and Justin Johnson opened fire on Young Dolph when he was inside Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies on Airways Blvd. 

The Grand jury charged Smith with free-degree murder, theft of cash worth $10,000, and unlawfully carrying a firearm. 

Likewise, he was also convicted for a first-degree murder attempt on a rapper brother who was with him at the time of the shooting. Justin Johnson said on his Instagram that he would surrender. But he never showed up and got arrested on 9 December only. 

So, his murder trial is yet to be done. Moreover, he may be charged with the same crime as Smith. Memphis Police Department recently released the video footage and photos of the rapper’s murder. It later became a trending topic of discussion on the online site Reddit. 

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