Correspondent: How Did Nancy Cordes Lose So Much Weight? Everything To Know

Correspondent: How Did Nancy Cordes Lose So Much Weight? Everything To Know

Nancy Cordes’s weight loss has become a hot topic on the internet recently as her transformation was quite significant and very much noticeable at one glance. Follow the article to learn more. 

She is the main White House correspondent for CBS News and is stationed in Washington, D.C. She contributes to all CBS News programs and platforms on a daily basis.

Before joining CBS News in 2007, Cordes worked as an ABC News reporter in New York (2005–07), where she reported for all ABC News programs and covered a number of big news topics, including Hurricane Katrina, the Iraq war, and the 2004 presidential election.

Let us learn more about Nancy Cordes and take a closer look at her weight loss and plastic surgery. 

How Did Nancy Cordes Lose So Much Weight?

Nancy Cordes has attracted the eyes of thousands of people after her massive weight loss. 

However, she has not revealed any reason behind losing so much weight in a relatively short span of time. With her weight loss unexplained, people are more interested to know what is going on with the Whitehouse correspondent. 

Some even speculate her health condition to be one of the reasons for her weight loss while others believe she has adopted a healthy lifestyle and lost weight to remain fit and healthy. 

The latter suspicion of Cordes’s weight loss seems to explain more as there is no information available on the internet about the journalist falling sick or ill at the moment. 

Nancy Cordes Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

Nancy Cordes’s plastic surgery is a mystery but she before and after photos seem different.

It is still unclear if the journalist has performed any cosmetic surgery on her face yet but people are speculating she has done something to her face. 

One Twitter user writes, Nancy Cordes clearly told her plastic surgeon, “Make my face smooth, flat and unformed, like the star child at the end of 2001.”

However, Nancy has not said anything about undergoing any form of plastic surgery yet, no mainstream media or news portal has covered the story yet as well. The changes seen on her face could be due to her weight loss recently. 

What Is Nancy Cordes Age?

Nancy Cordes’s actual age is 52 years old and she was born in 1970.

Similarly, she celebrates her birthday on September 14 every year. She is showered with wishes and blessings by her family and friends on her birthday every year.

According to her actual date of birth, Nancy has acquired Virgo as her zodiac sign.

Making predictions about her personality based on her zodiac sign, people with Virgo as their zodiac sign tend to be logical, practical, and systematic in their approach to life.

What Is Nancy Cordes Net Worth?

Nancy Cordes’s net worth might be over $1 million as of 2022. 

However, she has never revealed anything about her actual net worth yet. 

Similarly, we can suspect her major source of income as her career as a journalist. 

Nonetheless, we are trying to verify her actual net worth as you read this article and the verified amount will be published soon.

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Last Modified: January 17, 2022

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