Craig Schelske, Sara Evans’ Ex Husband And Daughter Avery, Audrey, and Olivia Margaret Schelske

Craig Schelske, Sara Evans’ Ex Husband And Daughter Avery, Audrey, and Olivia Margaret Schelske

Craig Schelske who is the ex-husband of Sara Evans is still fighting over the custody of their children. Here’s everything about their daughters. 

Craig Schelske is well known as the ex-husband of Sara Evans. 

Besides that, he is also an actor and producer who has taken part in many different movies and series. 

Although being an actor did not go well with Craig, he was also once involved in US politics in 2003 and was a standing candidate for the Republican in 2003. 

Even though he did his best to go through the elections, he did not win.


Who Is Craig Schelske? Sara Evans Ex-Husband Details

Sara Evans married her ex-husband Craig Schelske way back on the 25th of December 1993. 

The couple however were not able to keep their married relationship stable and headed for divorce in 2007. 

The couple was parents to three children together from 1993 to 2007.

According to The Daily Mail, it was Sara who first filed for the divorce and the reason was ‘irreconcilable differences.

However, she blamed Craig for doing some stuff that was not appropriate to Sara. 

Sara accused Craig of drinking excessively and frequently watching pornography in their home. She also said that Craig used to commit adultery and was verbally and emotionally abusive. 

However, Schelske rejected all of the charges, claiming that Evans filed for divorce the same day he realized she was conducting an extramarital affair.

Sara and Craig divorced in 2007 owing to ‘irreconcilable issues.’

After the divorce, Sara married her second husband Jay Barker in 2008, who is now on the headlines of the news because of his arrest over assault charges. 

Jay Barker, Sara Evans’ husband, was arrested in Nashville on Saturday (Jan. 15) and charged with aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon.

He was being detained on a 12-hour domestic violence hold as of late Saturday afternoon.

Barker, 49, was arrested early Saturday morning and put into the Davidson County Jail.

Craig Schelske And Sara Evans Daughter Age

Craig Schelske and Sara Evans are parents to three children, which include two daughters and one son. 

After the couple got married in 1993, they conceived their first son on August 21, 1999, and he was named Avery Jack Lyons. 

After some years their second daughter was born on the 22nd of January 2003, named Olivia Margaret. 

And their third and youngest daughter was born on October 6, 2004. 

All of the three children of Craig are now grown up and have been living their life in a very good state. 

However, Craig and Sara have been involved in a long legal battle over the custody of their children since 2011. 

As of now, no result has come up as the case is still in the hands of a judge, and the decision is still pending. 

Craig filed for bankruptcy in 2014 and was arrested for falling behind child support. 

So for now, the result is still not yet been given, and the children are having a hard time with their parents.

But despite that, they have been studying and as of now, they might have also started their career goals.

For now, not many details in provided, but soon, it might be over online media. 

About Author: Bishal Acharya

Last Modified: January 16, 2022

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