Creepshow Art Husband: Who Is YouTuber Shannon Margaret Campbell Married To?

Creepshow Art Husband: Who Is YouTuber Shannon Margaret Campbell Married To?

YouTuber Creepshow Art and her husband were exposed by Emily Artful, which has put her career at stake. Continue below for more info.

Creepshow Art is a professional Youtuber from the US.

She made her fame on Youtube by providing commentary on different aspects and doing her analysis. 

The controversial YouTuber has been alleged of a number of accusations, such as racism, delusion, and many more. Nevertheless, she was quite famous despite the tarnished image.

Who is Creepshow Art Husband?

Creepshow Art husband’s name is Anthony Parker.

In a recent video by Emily Artful, she mentioned that Anthony Parker was her ex-partner. She added that he was very abusive and threatening in the video.

Now, dating Creepshow Art, Anthony, and his girlfriend were found to be stalking her on various aspects. After noticing being stalked, Emily Artful told her fans she tried to take legal help, but all of it was useless.

Emily stepped up on her own YouYube channel and revealed the dark sides of Creepshow Art. After this news aired online, most people assumed that Art’s career is at high risk.

How Old Is Creepshow Art?

YouTuber Creepshow Art’s age is 28 years old.

She was born on the 13th of May, 1993. She was 23 when she started her youtube channel back in 2016.

Creepshow Art Wikipedia Explored

Well, Creepshow Art is an American YouTuber, who has been commenting about fashion, trends, celebs, storytime videos, and many more. Her real name is Shannon Margaret Campbell. 

The 28-year-old Youtuber has more than 400k subscribers on her youtube channel.

She got quite famous on Youtube, nevertheless, she is in the swamp of many controversies like racism, sexism, hopeless peachless situation, lolcow forum controversy, and now stalking and abusing.

Creepshow Art Net Worth

Creepshow Art’s net worth ranges from $12,406-$198,210, according to Celebnetworth.

An article on Social blade revealed that her annual earning ranges from $1,000-$166000.

Is Creepshow Art Trans?

Creepshow Art is not transgender. Recently, she has done some videos on the same topic, which made people think she is transgender.

There are no proof that she is in a such relationship either.In fact, Shannon is with her partner Anthony Parker and married to him.