Who Are Cristine Reyes Biological Parents? Actress Revealed Being Abused As A Child

Who Are Cristine Reyes Biological Parents? Actress Revealed Being Abused As A Child

The actress Cristine Reyes’ biological mother, Venus was the one who abused her as she grew up through a rough childhood.

Ara Cristine Pascual Klenk, professionally known as Cristine Reyes is a renowned Filipina actress, model, dancer and endorder.

She is also known for her appearance in GMA Network’s reality TV show StarStruck.

The actress recently came to the headlines after she opened up about her harsh childhood in an interview with Liza Florida for ‘Eight Billion Podcast’.

Entertainment Enquirer mentions how the Filipino actress talked about her unhealthy and abusive childhood that she went through after she was taken by her biological mother.

So, who is Cristine Reyes’ biological mother? Here is everything available to know about the actress and her childhood.

Who Are Cristine Reyes Biological Mother And Father? Her Parents Details

The actress Cristine Reyes’s biological mother is Venus Imperial whereas her father is Romeo Reyes.

Reyes in her recent interview talked about how her biological mother abused her after taking her away from her loving adopted family.

She was taken by her mother at the age of six but instead of living a happy life, Cristine went through a difficult childhood.

The actress felt unwanted and unloved as her biological mother would often scream towards her saying how Reyes was an unwanted child.

Similarly, Imperial would also often remind Cristine how she always wanted to abort her and also said that she wished Cristine was better off dead.

Hence, although the actress grew up in a big house, she always felt unloved and was constantly abused for being unwanted.

Cristine Reyes Siblings

Cristine Reyes does have a sibling named Ara Mina who is her stepsister to be exact.

Mina is also a fellow Filipino actress and the daughter of Venus alongside whom Cristine grew up.

Reyes is 32 years old whereas Ara Mina is 42 years old, so, she would be Cristine’s older sister.

She doesn’t have any other siblings besides Mina.

Is Cristine Reyes Married?

Cristine Reyes is not married currently and doesn’t have a husband.

However, she was previously married to Ali Khatibi with whom Cristine stayed together for 3 years before they divorced in 2019.

The couple were together for a few years and already had a child before they got married in 2016.

Reyes has a daughter named Amarah Khatibi with her ex-husband Ali that she welcomed in 2015.

It was after a couple of months after giving birth to their children that Cristine proposed to her then-boyfriend Ali and they eventually married in a private ceremony.

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