Nalini Sharma Husband And Breast Cancer Update- What Happened To The CTV Reporter?

Nalini Sharma Husband And Breast Cancer Update- What Happened To The CTV Reporter?

CTV News reporter Nalini Sharma does have kids, but she has not revealed anything about her husband yet. Here are some more facts about the reporter and her breast cancer update. 

Nalini Sharma is a Canadian journalist widely recognized as a part of CTV Mews and its outlets. 

She had worked for CTV news for quite some time but had to take a sudden leave after she was diagnosed with breast cancer more than a year ago. 

Nalini is one of the highest viewed and reputed women reporters in CTV, and she is also her colleague’s favorite. 

With the warm farewell she revied from CTV for the treatment she was undergoing, her fans and the general public became worried and curious about her condition. 

Hence, concern regarding her partner, possible husband, and the updates regarding her disease are at their peak. 

Nalini Sharma Husband: Is The CTV Reporter Married?

There is currently no information regarding the husband of CTV reporter and journalist Nalini Sharma. 

However, she does have 2 children, with whom she frequently posts on her social media. 

But, there are no hints of her husband or any possible partner. 

As per the public’s opinion and our observation, it looks like either she is separated from her husband for some time now, or she was never married. 

She does have kids, but they might be from her former relationship or even from her former marriage. 

But, all these are just assumptions of the public, and no precise details regarding her relationship, life, and family are revealed to anyone. 

Nalini Sharma Age: How Old Is She?

Nalini Sharma’s age appears to be somewhere about 40 years old. 

However, her exact age or the date of her birth is not revealed yet. 

Hence, we have estimated her age on the basis of her appearance and her experience. 

Nalini Sharma Breast Cancer Update: What Happened?

The CTV news specialist and reporter Nalini Sharma was suffering from breast cancer. 

However, there is good news that she is now cancer-free, and she revealed this about 3 weeks ago in her Instagram post. 

Nalini first posted that she was suffering from breast cancer about a year ago. 

When she started her chemotherapy, her hair started falling off, and she frequently posted about her condition for her fans and followers. 

After nearly 8 sessions of radiation and chemotherapy, she has declared that she is cancer-free after battling it for a year. 

She thanked her followers and fans for the support and courage that helped her to get over the disease. 

For the year, she was away from the CTV news and her weather department since she was undergoing treatment.