“Jokes On You Dave” Who Was Daphne Dorfman? Chappelle Facing Homophobic Allegations

“Jokes On You Dave” Who Was Daphne Dorfman? Chappelle Facing Homophobic Allegations

Who Was Daphne Dorfman? Know about the transgender comedian who is referred to by Chapelle in his recent release.

Daphne Dorfman was the transgender woman to whom the comedian Chappelle was referring in his latest Netflix release The Closer.

Dave Chappelle has become the pillar of controversy in the latest times and the comedian has once again come to the public’s rage with his comments about the late comedian Daphne Dorfman.

With his recent comments about the LGBTQ community in his recent Netflix release, the comedian made jokes about the late Daphne Dorfman which has drawn homophobic criticisms.

In case you didn’t know who Daphne Dorfman actually was, you are in the right place. Continue to know more about her.

Who Was Daphne Dorfman?

Daphne Dorfman was a transgender comedian who was good friends with fellow comedian Dave Chappelle.

She was a comedian based in San Fransisco and had become friends with Dave during her comedy circuit.

Dorfman first came into the limelight when Chappelle mentioned her in his comedy Stick & Stones.

Chappelle referred to her while telling jokes about the transgender community which later received a lot of public backlashes online.

Although Chapelle was criticized by a lot of people, Daphne defended him by saying that he was very open-minded and was not serious about the said matter.

However, the transgender community and others online have since then always criticized the comedian for his hard received jokes.

Dave Chappelle Jokes And Homophobic Allegations

The jokes made by Dave Chappelle about the transgender community has received homophobic allegations from the public, reports Washington Post.

In the Netflix release The CLoser, Chappelle joked about the late Dorfman and also made other jokes about the transgender community.

Although he later said about being open-minded, people didn’t like the way he said it.

While some LGBTQ community people brought up homophobic allegations, Dorfman’s sister Brandy defended the comedian by saying that it was his way to grieve the comedian’s loss.

How Did Daphne Dorfman Die?

Daphne Dorfman died by suicide at the age of 44 as reported by The Cinemaholic.

She also left a suicide note by referring to everyone about not doing anything wrong for her passing and she didn’t blame anyone for the cause of her suicide.

In the note, she apologized for not being able to please and make others happy and highlighted that everyone did their best to support her.

Dorfman’s death also brought Chappelle into further allegations after people highlighted that the comedian might be responsible for this.

Dorfman was attacked by abusive messages for her attempt to defend Chappelle after the comedian had made jokes on the transgender community.