Dateline: Who Is Kenny Michalak? Egypt Covington Killer And Ex-Boyfriend -Details To Know

Dateline: Who Is Kenny Michalak? Egypt Covington Killer And Ex-Boyfriend -Details To Know

The case of Egypt Covington’s murder took a long time to be solved. Given their relationship status at the time, Kenny Michigan, who was her ex-boyfriend, was a prime suspect. Is he detained? 

Egypt Covington was only 27 years old when she was brutally murdered on Jun. 22, 2017, inside her own home, which happens to be in Van Buren Township, Michigan.

After breaking up with Kenny Michalak, Egypt rekindled her relationship with Curtis Meadows and set the intention to begin a new journey before her tragic death. 

Curtis went over to Egypt’s residence on the evening of Jun. 23, 2017, after being unable to contact her all day. Egypt’s car was parked in the parking lot, and the door to her house was wide open when he arrived.

When Curtis arrived at the residence, he discovered Egypt’s dog, Ruby, barking near the hallway.

Curtis discovered Egypt’s body face down on the floor as he looked to see what the dog was howling at. He stated that her hands were tied behind her back with Christmas lights, and she was fatally shot.

Dateline: Who Is Kenny Michalak? Egypt Covington Killer And Ex-Boyfriend

Kenny Michalak, whose full name is Kenneth Michalak, was interested in the murder of Egypt Covington. 

Kenny and Egypt dated throughout the time that she was still seeing Curtis. However, Egypt’s family members claim that their connection was stormy and troubled.

Kenny had allegedly been physically abusive to Egypt in the past and manipulated and verbally abused her.

Egypt’s then ex-boyfriend Curtis even told the police that he observed Kenny lurking about Egypt’s car while parked at Curtis’ apartment complex after he and Egypt reconciled and patched things up.

This was how Kenny started to become a subject of interest. Given the history of their relationship, it was an obvious guess that Kenny might be the killer of Egypt.

Not only that, according to the sources, Egypt’s last known interaction with Kenny occurred shortly before her death, during the Belleville National Strawberry Festival.

Kenny Michalak has denied any involvement in Egypt’s assassination.

Despite being designated as a person of interest in Egypt’s investigation, authorities have yet to charge him with anything.

Tina Covington, who is Egypt Covington’s mother, is not convinced that Kenny is the murderer. While she admits that Egypt and Kenny had a tumultuous relationship, the police labeled him as a person of interest because they were under pressure to find someone to blame for the crime.

Kenny Michalak: Details On His Age And Wikipedia Revealed

We do not have much information on how old Kenny Michalak was.

Judging by the looks of it, he appears to be in his early thirties. 

His personal information on his childhood, whereabouts, family members are not disclosed yet. 

Kenny stopped being a subject of interest after three other men were arrested.

Kenny Michalak: Is He Arrested/ Prison?

In 2020, two men were arrested in connection with Egypt’s murder 2020, according to reports.  

Although the names were not disclosed at first, it was in November 2020 when one of the arrested man’s names was revealed.

At first, the first murderer’s name, Timothy Eugene Moore, was released. However, Moore has been charged with first-degree murder. 

Then again, in January 2021, almost a year later, two more men, Shane Evans and Shandon Groom faced charges of murder.

These three robbers have robbed and attacked the wrong home as they intended to attack Egypt’s neighbor, a marijuana caregiver.

All these three men are awaiting trial in Wayne County Circuit Court, according to a report.

NBC’s Dateline Episode: What Is It About?

The 2017 death of Egypt Covington during a botched robbery will be featured in a new edition of NBC’s investigative crime show Dateline, which will debut on Friday.

The long-running NBC show will air an episode on Oct. 22 at 9 p.m., including interviews with Covington’s family and a private investigator hired by the family.

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