Dateline: Who Is Timothy Eugene Moore? Egypt Covington Killer -Everything To Know

Dateline: Who Is Timothy Eugene Moore? Egypt Covington Killer -Everything To Know

The story of how Timothy Eugene Moore murdered Egypt Covington will be showcased to the whole world today at 9 pm. Read along to learn about the murderer and the victim.

Dateline, NBC’s investigative crime show, will run a new installment Friday on the 2017 death of Egypt Covington during a botched heist.

The edition of the long-running NBC show will air on Oct. 22 at 9 pm and include interviews with Covington’s family and a private investigator hired by the family.

Covington, 27, was discovered dead of a gunshot wound to the head at her residence in the 45000 block of Hull Road in Van Buren Township on June 23, 2017.

Following a lengthy investigation, it was found that Covington was murdered by three guys who targeted the incorrect house while attempting to rob a neighbor they suspected of cultivating marijuana.

Dateline: Who Is Timothy Eugene Moore? Egypt Covington Killer

Timothy Eugene Moore is one of the criminals involved in the murder of Egypt Covington.

The story of how the criminals murdered Egypt Covington will be featured on Dateline: Wrong door.

Shane Lamar Evans of Sumpter Township, Timothy Eugene Moore of Toledo, and Shandon Ray Groom of Toledo were all arrested and bound for trial.

Evans is accused of luring Moore and Groom to Covington’s duplex on June 22, 2017, to take marijuana from her neighbor.

Shane states that he instructed Shandon, Timothy, and another individual which house they needed to break into, but they still went through the wrong door, resulting in Egypt’s death.

Moore and Groom, on the other hand, are accused of inadvertently invading Covington’s residence.

Is Timothy Eugene Moore Arrested/ Going To Jail? 

Timothy Eugene Moore, along with his partners in crime, was arrested by the police in December of the previous year.

They were taken into custody one month before their arrest.

Covington’s family had campaigned for years, publicly and privately, to get the case transferred from Van Buren Township detectives to Michigan State Police. The latter had listed an ex-boyfriend as a person of interest immediately after the murder.

However, her family and hundreds of supporters demanded that the case be investigated further.

Egypt’s family, Michigan State Police, and Crime Stoppers collaborated to offer a $30,000 reward for anybody with information leading to an arrest.

Protests, discussions, and their investigation all contributed to MSP taking up the matter in August 2020.

A court ruled in March 2021 that Shandon, Timothy, and Shane will stand trial for the accusations against them, which has yet to occur. To put it another way neither has been convicted of the crime.

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