Who Are Elaine Chappelle Parents? Meet Dave Chappelle Wife | Photos

Who Are Elaine Chappelle Parents? Meet Dave Chappelle Wife | Photos

The parents of Dave Chappelle’s wife Elaine Chappelle moved to the United States from Philippines, so she has a Filipino ethnicity.

Dave has always attributed his success to his wife, Elaine. She is unquestionably a value to Dave, supporting him and shielding him from a media assault. Following his father’s death, Dave left his profession and relocated to South Africa in 1998.

Though Chappelle typically avoids discussing his personal life, he occasionally mentions his wife in his standups and to the press. In 2017, he informed Hot 97 that Elaine typically notifies him about the controversy and outrage that his standups tend to generate.

Let us meet one of the most cherished people in Dave’s life.

Who Are Elaine Chappelle Parents? 

The identities of Elaine Chappelle’s parents are relatively unknown. However, we do have some information on them.

Elaine’s parents moved to the United States from the Philippines a few months before her birth. They decided the aim of bettering their lives and the lives of their unborn child.

Despite being the wife of a prominent celebrity, Elaine Chappelle avoids the spotlight and makes few public appearances.

So there isn’t much light on her personal life or her parents.

Who is Dave Chappelle Wife? Meet Elaine Elaine Chappelle

Elaine was born on August 31, 1974. Her parents were Christian Filipinos who raised her in Brooklyn, New York.

Elaine allegedly dreamed of being a cook as a child. Her interests, however, seemed to shift later in life.

Chappelle informed Howard Stern that he and Elaine initially met in Brooklyn, New York.

Chappelle, a native of Washington, D.C., went to New York after graduating from high school in the early 1990s to pursue his profession.

After meeting Elaine, he and she fell in love and dated before marrying in 2001.

Suleyman, Ibrahim, and Sanaa are the couple’s three children.

Elaine Chappelle Age and Net Worth 

Born on August 31, 1974, Elaine Chappelle turns 47 as of 2021.

Moving on to her net worth, we aren’t aware of her being involved in any professional career. So, we assume she shares her husband’s net worth.

Dave’s net worth, which he shares with his wife, is believed to be between $60 million and $75 million. Most of their money has come through The Chappelle Show and the few films that Dave has appeared in.

Elaine and her family live at Ohio’s Yellow Springs home, which sits on a 65-acre property. The assets are believed to be worth $2.5 million.