Dave Dahl Age – Wife and Net Worth Facts on KSTP Chief Meteorologist

Dave Dahl Age – Wife and Net Worth Facts on KSTP Chief Meteorologist

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  1. 10 Facts On Dave Dahl

Dave Dahl is retiring at the end of this year after being associated with a TV channel for 43 years. That is a serious time to dedicate to a channel as a meteorologist and that’s why his retirement has meant so much to the pout where it’s causing headlines.

He is beloved by Minnesotans as he has updated them about every goddamn snow blizzard state has ever seen since the mid-70s. He just announced that at the end of 2020, he will retire and enjoy his time doing something else. People on his channel are also really saying sweet things about him as he’s just a sweet guy.

Quick Facts: Dave Dahl Age - Wife and Net Worth Facts on KSTP Chief Meteorologist
Name Dave Dahl
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Meterologist
Married/Single Married
Children 7
Divorce Not
Education Florida State University
Twitter Dave Dahl

10 Facts On Dave Dahl

  1. Dave Dah is certainly old but we don’t know the exact age of Dahl. Even Wikipedia doesn’t have this information which is kind of weird.
  2. Details about his birthday have eluded the general public and that’s why I can’t really comment on that.
  3. Dahl was born and raised in Minnesota and he dedicated his entire life to Minnesota as he worked there all his life.
  4.  Dave really began getting curious about the weather when he witnessed several tornadoes as a child. It was hypnotic and he just gravitated towards it.
  5. He started working for KSTP-TV on July 29, 1977, and at the beginning, he was a production assistant and a meteorologist.
  6. We don’t really know how tall he is. He appears like he has a normal height when he delivers weather reports on TV.
  7. He is a married man but we don’t know the name of his wife.
  8. He has 7 children and 5 grandchildren. I guess Minnesota’s weather has helped him a lot to procreate.
  9. Dave is on Twitter and he reports weather updates from his Twitter handle as well.
  10. He doesn’t use Instagram.