Does David Dobrik Have A Green Card? Is The YouTuber An Illegal Immigrant?

Does David Dobrik Have A Green Card? Is The YouTuber An Illegal Immigrant?

The YouTuber David Dobrik, who always disclosed about not having a green card before looks like has one now. He is an immigrant but is he an illegal immigrant?

Millions of people know David Dobrik as a YouTuber, podcaster as well as a content creator.

After starting his vlog channel in 2015, Dobrik has been able to make name and recognition for himself as he currently boasts over 18.3 million YouTube subscribers.

Along with his YouTube fanbase, he also has huge fan followings on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

Even after over 5 years of knowing Dobrik, some fans still seem to be confused regarding his nationality and wonder if he is an immigrant in the United States.

However, the media personality has always been clear about his nationality.

Recently, the YouTuber shared a picture in Paris and people are wondering if he actually got a green card now.

Does David Dobrik Have A Green card?

Well, it seems like David Dobrik has finally got his green card as he travelled outside the country.

The internet personality didn’t have American citizenship and couldn’t leave the country. As a matter of fact, Dobrik was staying in America because of being protected by DACA.

Dobrik moved to Chicago, Illinois when he was only 6 years old as a child, as mentioned in his Wikipedia.

He has been staying in the country from a young age and also works there.

However, since he was not born to American parents, Dobrik was deprived of the green card to be an American citizen officially.

Now, it looks like the media personality has eventually got American citizenship. In his latest Instagram post, he mentioned finally leaving the country.

Likewise, his fans on Twitter are also talking about David officially getting the green card and being recognized as an American citizen officially.

Thus, we believe that David Dobrik now has a green card.

David Dobrik: Hungarian Ethnicity Or Is He From Slovakia?

The YouTuber David Dobrik doesn’t belong to the Hungarian ethnicity and is actually from Slovakia.

David was born in the country of Slovakia but later moved to the United States and has been living in America since then.

Hence, he is of Slovakian ethnicity rather than a Hungarian.

Is David Dobrik An Illegal Immigrant?

David Dobrik is an immigrant in the United States but he is not an illegal immigrant.

The YouTuber’s immigration to the United States without citizenship was legalized because he was protected by DACA.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals aka DACA is a system in the US that protects immigrants who were brought in the country as a child but not as an adult.

Dobrik having arrived as a child in the country was legally staying in the country but now is thought to be an official American citizen.