David Lee Roth Health Problems: Is He Sick? Does He Have Cancer? Here’s All We Know

David Lee Roth Health Problems: Is He Sick? Does He Have Cancer? Here’s All We Know

David Lee Roth’s health problems might be the reason he has canceled his retirement shows in Las Vegas. COVID-19 played a major part in cancellation as well.

David Lee Roth’s fans might be disappointed at the moment but the singer is not happy as well.

The legendary singer, who became a rock and roll sensation in the 80s, had announced his retirement plan and was working on it but as people say ‘sometimes planned ideas never work’, this might be the case we are dealing here with David Lee Roth.

Roth had canceled his first 2 dates initially and days later he has announced that he has canceled all of his shows.

Rumors have sparkled that he has health problems now. Well, let’s find out.

David Lee Roth Health Problems: Is He Sick?

David Lee Roth might be facing health problems but he has not announced to be sick publicly.  

While Roth was revealed to have undergone lower back surgery back in 2020, he has not mentioned his illness lately and is believed to be healthy at the moment.

However, the ‘Jump’ singer has stated that he experienced the physical effects of the surgery.  

Now, with the Van Halen singer canceling his retirement shows, his fans are worried if the 67-years-old legend is facing some serious health problems.

But Roth has yet to explain the reason behind the retirement where he stated that ‘I’m not going to explain the statement’.

Talking about the cancellation, the ongoing Omicron variant which has surfaced faster could be the possible reason.

Further, his doctors and handlers are concerned about his health, revealing that he is facing some serious health issues.

Does David Lee Roth Have Cancer?

David Lee Roth does not have cancer.

He has not addressed the media about his health issues and has not mentioned about cancer either.

While Roth is still going strong at 67, his doctors and handlers are way more concerned about his health who have compelled Roth to address every time he performs on stage.

Well, this might speak volumes but only Roth and his medical assistants could confirm his health issues and we would have to wait for the official confirmation.

Meanwhile, his fellow band-mate and legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen passed away due to a stroke in 2020.

David Lee Roth Wife And Net Worth In 2022

David Lee Roth does not have a wife.

He has not been married to date but has had multiple relationships during his healthy and lengthy musical career.

Roth had stated that he had 4 great loves in his life but has denied mentioning their names.

David Lee Roth has a net worth of $60 million in 2022.

He is a legendary rockstar who enjoyed a musical career for 5 decades.

The American artist maintains his residence in New York, California, and Tokyo.

About Author: Yogesh Budathoki

Last Modified: January 5, 2022

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