How Did David Lightfoot Die? Australain Producer Cause Of Death And More

How Did David Lightfoot Die? Australain Producer Cause Of Death And More

The ‘Wolf Creek’ and ‘Rogue’ producer David Lightfoot died at the age of 61 because of a heart attack. 

David Lightfoot was an Australian film producer who is widely known for his incredible movies like Wolf Creek, Rogue, Never Too Late, and many others. 

David was a reputed personality in the movie industry, and he was praised by many people.

David was the most experienced producer in Australia, and he had specialized in Australian film storytelling. 

Most recently, the tragic news of his death is trending all over the media and news, and this has made people create concerns regarding the personal details of the producer. 

David Lightfoot Age And Wikipedia Explored

David Lightfoot’s age was 61 years old at the time of his death. 

However, David’s exact date of birth had not been revealed yet. Based on the article by, David’s age had been extracted. 

Regarding Wikipedia, David was mentioned on the platform, but there is only a little information regarding him on this platform. 

The present information is regarding his basic professional life, whereas there are no hints of information about his personal life. 

According to his Wikipedia page, he was widely known for his works in the horror movies like Wolf Creek and Rogue.

David Lightfoot Wife: Was He Married?

There is no information regarding the wife of David Lightfoot. 

However, it seems like he did have a wife, but he never spoke or revealed anything regarding her to the media. 

David has a son, Josh, meaning that he was most likely married. 

What Is David Lightfoot Net Worth?

There is no precise evidence to evaluate the exact net worth of David Lightfoot. 

However, considering his hit movies and the fact that he is a producer, he must have had a pretty decent net worth. 

Obituary: David Lightfoot Cause Of Death

The cause of David Lightfoot’s death has been revealed to be a heart attack. 

It has been officially reported that David died on 13 June 2021, in a hospital in South Australia, Adelaide, due to a heart attack. 

Many sources like Deadline have prepared obituaries regarding the death of David Lightfoot.