Davis Cup 2021: Who Is Leon Smith Wife Laura? Meet Him On Instagram

Davis Cup 2021: Who Is Leon Smith Wife Laura? Meet Him On Instagram

As Great Britain prepares for its first Davis Cup campaign in two years, captain Leon Smith is encouraged by the strength of his team. Who is his wife? Let’s find out.

Britain earned automatic qualification for the 2020 finals after reaching the semi-finals at the inaugural finals week in Madrid in 2019, which were then postponed for a year.

 Leon Smith has encouraged organizers to listen to the players and captains.

Another difference in the structure is that the group stages are now held in three cities, so that Britain will play France on Saturday and the Czech Republic the following day in Innsbruck.

This week, Davis Cup returns to prominence after a two-year sabbatical due to the coronavirus outbreak, with group stages in Madrid, Turin, and Innsbruck.

Following Gerard Pique’s Kosmos group’s lucrative but divisive takeover of the historic competition in 2018, Davis Cup transformed from home and away ties to a World Cup-style finals event.

Davis Cup 2021: Who is Leon Smith Wife Laura? Details on her Wiki

Leon Smith is married to his beloved wife, Laura Smith. 

As per the details, Leon Smith’s wife, Laura, was also a good national-level player.

Unfortunately, there are not much information on the detail as she prefers to live her while maintaining confidentiality.

How Old is Leon Smith? His Age and Family Details Explored

Leon Smith was born in the year 1976, which makes him 45 years old at the moment. 

As for the family details, Leon Smith and his wife, Laura Smith, have three children of their own. But, on the contrary, it appears that they are quite young to be featured in the media. 

So, it is supposed that Laura and Leon are keeping their children out of the spotlight.

Even on Leon’s Instagram account, he has not posted anything specific on his family members.

What is Leon Smith Net Worth? 

Leon Smith has a net value ranging from $1 million up to $4 million.

The primary source of his income is as a British Tennis instructor. 

Smith holds a long history in the field; to elaborate, Smith has served as the captain of the Great Britain Davis Cup team, which won the tournament in 2015.

Does Leon Smith have an Instagram?

Leon Smith’s Instagram handle name is @leon.smithtennis. He has 2,472 followers at the moment and 40 posts.

On the other hand, Leon also has a Twitter account.

His handle name is @LeonSmith. The verified user has over 13.6 thousand followers with 1,273 tweets.


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