Davis Cup: Who Are Cam Norrie Parents? Meet His Father David And Mother Helen On Instagram

Davis Cup: Who Are Cam Norrie Parents? Meet His Father David And Mother Helen On Instagram

Know about Cam Norrie’s parents who made sure that their son got everything to be a professional tennis player.

Cameron Norrie, simply Cam Norrie, is a British professional tennis player.

The athlete has been involved in the top-level sport for over three years and in such a short time, Norrie has won multiple titles.

He recently achieved his career-high singles ATP rank when he was ranked no. 12 on November 8, 2021.

As a professional, Cam has won two ATP Tour singles and one doubles title.

Now that the player is competing in the Davis Cup, the attention has slightly shifted towards Norrie’s parents.

Some people even wonder about how Cameron is British. Thus, here is everything to know about the athlete’s parents and family background.

Who Are Cam Norrie Parents? Meet His Father And Mother

The British tennis player, Cam Norrie, was born to his parents David Norrie and Helen Norrie.

Both, his father David and mother Helen, are microbiologists who probably met in the field and liked each other.

Cameron’s dad is Scottish and his mom is a Welsh citizen.

Thus, the player represents both Scottish and Welsh nationality.

His parents moved to New Zealand after the family faced a burglary when Cam was three years old.

But the player moved back to London when he was 16 and has stayed in the place since then, representing the British nationality.

David and Helen have always supported their son, ever since he was a child, and are living as proud parents.

Who Is Cam Norrie Girlfriend?

Cameron Norrie is reportedly dating his girlfriend Louise Jacobi.

Norrie and Jacobi started dating towards the end of 2019 and are together for more than two years now.

While the player has shared a few snaps with his partner, the couple is not married yet.

Cam’s lover, Jacobi, is an interior and textile designer and can be found on Instagram under the handle @weezcobi.

She has shared plenty of photos with her partner and they are seemingly happy together.

What Is Cam Norrie Net Worth?

The Tennis athlete Cam Norrie reportedly has a net worth around $4- $5 million, as per The Squander.

It further mentions his net worth in 2018 to be around $3 million, so it is a possibility that the player is probably worth more than $5 million.

However, since the official sources have not yet confirmed his valuation, we can only speculate on the figures.

But there is doubt that Norrie has made a pretty good amount of money throughout the recent years.

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