Delta 5 Founder And Singer: Julz Sale Death Cause -How Did She Die? Details To Know

Delta 5 Founder And Singer: Julz Sale Death Cause -How Did She Die? Details To Know

British post-punk band Delta 5’s singer Julz Sale has passed away in Thailand.

The world has lost yet another great artist.

Julz Sale, a singer, and guitarist of the Leeds-based post-punk band Delta 5 has died on the 20th of September.

Formed in the late-70s the band came out of the Leeds University which had produced two of the greatest punk bands ‘Gangs of Four’ and ‘The Mekons’.

Sale formed the band alongside Ross Allen and Bethan Peters who were bass players, Alan Riggs who handled the guitar, and Kelvin Knight rolling the drums.

Delta 5 immediately rocked the scene after their debut in 1979 with their debut single ‘Mind Your Own Business’.

The band’s lyrics were known to reflect the feminist and socialist sensibility and they were active in the ‘Rock Against Racism’ movement.

Obituary: Julz Sale Death Cause –How Did She Die?

Julz Sale died of digestive cancer in Thailand.

The singer had not revealed herself to be a patient of cancer but her untimely death has been reported due to cancer in her digestive system.

Sale’s obituary is not posted as of now and her families are yet to make an announcement to the public.

Further, the detail about her burial has not been reported as of now.

The music industry has lost an amazing talent Julz Sale and following her death, the fans and families are remembering the life of the former Delta 5 singer.

We offer our condolences to the late singer.

Who Was Delta 5 Founder And Singer Julz Sale? Wikipedia Bio

Julz Sale was precisely known to be the singer, guitarist, and founder of the post-punk band Delta 5.

However, the band only made their presence felt for 2 years as they broke in 1981.

But Sale was known to continue her work to the record label Rough Trade even after Delta 5 was disbanded.

She spent a number of years working on the Rough Trade Distribution warehouse tick.

Talking about her final years, she spent her life as an English teacher in Thailand. She moved to Thailand a couple of years ago.

Born and raised in Leeds, England, she had her final breath in Thailand.

The details of her parents could not be known as well.  

Julz Sale Age: How Old Is She?

Julz Sale was believed to be in her late-60s when she took her final breath.

However, the given age is based on the assumption considering she could be in her 20s when she founded the post-punk band Delta 5.

Julz Sale Husband: Who Was She Married To?

Julz Sale was married to a local man from Thailand.

Her husband is yet to come to the public as the detail about her lover is not disclosed as of now.

But she was revealed to be married after she moved to Thailand.

Julz Sale Net Worth Explored

The net worth of Julz Sale is not calculated but she is assumed to live a wealthy life in Thailand as she was a star back in the late-70s.

Further, Delta 5’s collective net worth is not known as well.

But the cult classic ‘Mind Your Own Business’ is being featured in the Apple commercial.