Did Ashley Benson Have A Baby? Ashley Benson Husband And Pregnancy Rumors

Did Ashley Benson Have A Baby? Ashley Benson Husband And Pregnancy Rumors

The Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson’s baby bump pictures made fans question ‘did Ashley Benson have a baby?’ Well, let’s find out.

Ashley Benson is an American Actress. She is well known for her portrayal as Hanna Marin in the TV series, Pretty Little Liars.

The 31-year-old actress’s performance credits include Her Smell, Sorry Charlie Miller, Pixel, How I Met Your Mother, etc.

Did Ashley Benson Have A Baby?

No, Ashley Benson did not have a baby.

She recently did share pictures of her with a little baby and appears to be really close with the baby. But that proximity does not imply the mother-child relationship, but the connection of aunt and a niece.

Well, yes, the little baby whom Ashley referred to as her little sidekick in Instagram is none other than the daughter of her beloved sister. Her blogger sister Shaylene Benson Swerdlow gave birth to a baby daughter named Hazel this year.

Nonetheless, the actress Ashley, herself, is not ready to be a mother, for the time being, she does have plans to be one in the near future.

The Pretty Little Liars star shared her obsession with babies to the People site in 2019 and added that she has already got few vintage T-shirts for her future kids(hijos) to wear.

Who Is Ashley Benson Husband?

Being unmarried, Ashley Benson has no husband for now.

She is single as reported on some online sites. Being close with rapper boyfriend G-Eazy, people believed Ashley to be in a serious relationship with him following the rapper’s presence at her sister Shaylene’s wedding. 

But, as per the most recent news by E Online, Benson put her relation with G-Eazy behind and both are taking some time apart from each other. Meanwhile, the site linked Ashley with Will Peltz, Nicola Peltz’s older brother at present.

Ashley Benson Pregnancy And Baby Bump Rumors

There are some rumors of Ashley Benson’s pregnancy and baby bump rumors going on.

Well, there are few pictures where Ashley shows her baby bump but it turned out to be false. It is found that Benson was just goofing around with her co-actor. 

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