Did David Sassoli Die Of Cancer? Know His Cause Of Death

Did David Sassoli Die Of Cancer? Know His Cause Of Death

David Sassoli, a European Parliament President passed away at the age of 65 breaking millions of hearts, and the cause behind this has been revealed by his daughter, Livia Sassoli. Learn more about his wife and family details

David Sassoli was a prudent Italian politician and journalist who served as the president of the European Parliament from 2019 until his death in 2022. He always served the locals with his sincere heart and the news of him passing away caused quite a stir.

The influential personality who was enamored by the public for his loyalty and kindest heart had never been in the controversies that taint his reputation. The locals are sending healing prayers and comforting hugs to his family through any means they can.

The melancholic news brought devastation and agony. His family might be in anguish as the purest and kindest soul has left their side.

Did David Sassoli Die Of Cancer? Know His Cause Of Death  

David Sassoli died at the hospital in Italy on 11 January 2022. His spokesperson was the one to share this devastating news through his Twitter account. His tweet didn’t relay further information like the actual cause of his death.

He has been hospitalized since December 26 due to abnormal functioning of his immune system. He had been struggling and fighting up for more than months with his poor health after he suffered from pneumonia caused by the Legionella bacteria back in September.

The passionate and determined personality still used to show up in public with the brightest smile he could manifest but his health was worsening as time passed by.

Unfortunately, the devastating and heartbreaking news of his demise took over the internet. 

Did David Sassoli Have Cancer? Cause Of Death Revealed By Daughter Sassoli

David Sassoli died in a cancer hospital where he had received a bone marrow transplant ten years ago. His daughter hasn’t revealed anything about his demise. He was continuously fighting to be healthy and stay alive and had been hospitalized because of his frail health.

His daughter Livia Sassoli is now in top search on the Internet after the melancholic situation she had gone through. Livia Sassoli is not available on any social media but people are doing their utmost to send warm hugs to David’s family.

The root cause of his demise hasn’t been disclosed yet but everyone knows how weak his health was and he was battling to stay alive. The untimely demise of David’s has made everyone devasted and people are sending their heartfelt condolence to the departed soul.


David Sassoli Wife Daughter And Family Details

David Sassoli was married to Alessandra Vittorini and had two daughters, Livia Sassoli and Giulio Sassoli. His family might be having a melancholic mood because of the heartbreaking news on the Internet.

No more personal data of his family has been disclosed to date. They are going through the toughest time right now and it’s better to not dig more information about them. 





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