Did Tokyo Die In Money Heist? Season 5 Spoilers Ahead!

Did Tokyo Die In Money Heist? Season 5 Spoilers Ahead!

Did Tokyo Die In Money Heist? The midseason finale of Money Heist has left the fans speechless.

Popular Netflix series Money Heist is back with the final season and fans are in for a treat.

The drama series is more thrilling than ever and with the final season dropping in the Netflix, the fans could not stop taking about the chilling and mind blowing mid season finale.

‘La casa de papel’ gained a wide recognition since the show aired in 2017 and is sure a most talked about shows in the recent history.

The International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series winning show will be eying for another award after this season.

Talking about the recent episodes, the mid season finale of Money Heist season 5 will forever be remembered by the fans as one of the heart-breaking episodes of the entire series as one of the fan favorites tragically lose a life.

Did Tokyo Died In Money Heist Season 5?

Yes, Tokyo died in the episode 5 of the Money Heist Season 5.

Tokyo played by the actress Ursula Corbero was a fan-favorite character who was one of the driving forces of the entire series.

She was killed in a climactic battle on the episode 5 surrounded by the Spanish army.

This season, she was a part of the deadliest heist in the Spanish history but is locked down with her fellow gang members inside the Bank of Spain for 100 hours.

As seen in the teaser of Money Heist, Professor is captured by the rogue police which led the matter even worse as the bank robbery quickly turns into an all out war.

The gang loses its prominent member Tokyo in the battle against Spain’s armed forces.

Season 5 Ending Of Money Heist

Money Heist released its first 5 episodes of season 5 on Netflix in September 3, 2021.

The most-talked and most-anticipated series hooks you to the edge of the seat till the final seconds of the released episodes.

From planning a deadliest heist and locked inside the bank of Spain to the final moments of the death of Tokyo, Money Heist Season 5 first part has delivered and fans couldn’t wait more for the final episodes.

Meanwhile, the shocking and emotional death of Tokyo has made the most impact with fans and now, people will have to wait until the 3rd of December on how the robbery will play out now and who will replace her as a narrator.

What Exactly Happened At The Ending Of Money Heist?

Tokyo died at the final episode of the first half of the Money Heist season 5.

Tokyo dies an emotional but a heroic death as she helps her gang to escape through a dumbwaiter which she could not pass through.

The gang is forced to escape from a bank’s kitchen but Tokyo could not escape as she was shot 5 times in her arms and legs. She could not make a six floor drop so decides to help her colleagues to escape while she gives her gang a cover.

In the final moment of her death, she gets the last laugh as she pulls the entire pin of grenades exploding herself and surrounding armies.  

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Last Modified: September 3, 2021

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