Did Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Resign? Everything On His Net Worth And More

Did Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Resign? Everything On His Net Worth And More

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter is expected to step down from his role soon. The next potential CEO of the company is not announced yet.

Twitter will be waving its goodbye to the CEO Jack Dorsey.

Reports of Dorsey stepping down as a Chief Executive Officer of the billon-dollar company has started after CNBC confirmed with the news.

Further, the CEO himself has yet to do an official announcement regarding his decision but with the buzz going around, Dorsey is expected to leave his position pretty soon.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: Did He Resign?

Jack Dorsey is expected to resign from his position as a CEO of Twitter.

The micro-blogging and social networking company was co-founded by Dorsey along with Ev Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass in 2006.

Dorsey had served as a CEO during the early years of the company but was pushed out of his role in 2008.

It took him 7-long years to finally return again as a CEO of the company after former CEO Dick Costolo had vacated the position.

Apart from his role as a CEO of Twitter, Dorsey also serves as a CEO of the digital financial payment company ‘Square’, which he founded in 2009.

Jack Dorsey Resign: Why Is He Stepping Down?

Jack Dorsey’s reason for vacating the position of CEO is not known.

With the reports of him steeping down as a boss of Twitter, the social media world has buzzed heavily after the news.

Further, the report of his decision of resigning is not confirmed with an official notice, which is followed by his silence on what led him to step down from the role.

This will be the second time Dorsey will be resigning from the role. His first tenure reigned up to 2 years.

Meanwhile, the reports of him stepping away had let the stock price of Twitter rise with a huge 12.5% mark.

The next CEO needs to meet heavy internal goals of the company and it would be fun to watch over the market of the social media giant in the near future.

Who Is Jack Dorsey Girlfriend Raven Lyn Corneil?

Raven Lyn Corneil is an American model hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Born on January 9, 1995, Corneil’s relationship with the 45-year-old Jack Dorsey is not confirmed by either party despite being seen together holding hands with each other.

Meanwhile, the $11.8 billion worth CEO was known to buy a house in Hollywood Hills in 2018 for Corneil.

Raven’s parental and educational background is unexplored but is known to have a multi-ethnic background i.e. Native-American, Irish, and Puerto Rican.

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