DJ Dimension aka Robert Etheridge Wikipedia: Musical Artist Got NZ At Risk Of COVID Omicron Outbreak

DJ Dimension aka Robert Etheridge Wikipedia: Musical Artist Got NZ At Risk Of COVID Omicron Outbreak

DJ Dimension has found himself at the center of news and public fury concerning Omicron in New Zealand since December 27. 

The 30-year old DJ was due to perform at Rhythm and Alps festival but withdrew at the last minute. After leaving his self-isolation before his results came out, Dimension visited Impala.

Witnesses have placed DJ Dimension on the floors of Impala between 11 p.m. on Sunday and 3 a.m. on Monday.

A private function was set up for 30-40 guests for Boxing Day. Newshub claims that although he showed up to the party, he hadn’t been invited. 

Dimension, according to them, spent the majority of the night outside in the smokers’ area.

Who Is DJ Dimension aka Robert Etheridge? Wikipedia & Instagram Bio

Dimension, aka Robert Etheridge, was known as a drum & bass DJ/producer based in London who also co-owns Regal Records before his name was highlighted alongside Omicron scare in New Zealand. 

DJ Dimension had not earned himself a Wikipedia page solely dedicated to detailing his life’s work. Not yet, at least. 

His song-writing hobbies go back to when he was a young lad. His inspiration for his name comes from the laptop that he had while he was starting out his career as a DJ. 

He had in his possession a Dell Dimension computer which led to the birth of the title DJ Dimension. He used this name to push himself to the top as the “new wave of dance music headliners.”

He is on Instagram under the username @dimension. Also, one can find him on Facebook and on Twitter as well. 

Is DJ Dimension Arrested? What Did He Do To Put NZ On Omicron Risk?

DJ Dimension has not been arrested even though he breached the COVID MIQ guidelines. However, some think he should be deported at once for the scare he gave the public. 

According to the Ministry of Health, the Omicron case arrived on a flight from the United Kingdom on December 16. DJ Dimension had been allowed to complete his final three days in self-isolation following three negative tests in MIQ.

The ministry, on the other hand, claims that DJ did not wait for a negative test on his ninth day. He was reported to have left self-isolation to visit a nightclub, bar, as well as a restaurant.

He was tested positive on his ninth day. 

Health officials were disappointed when the results came back. This is what they had to say about his actions which put everyone at risk.

“Dimension went out knowing he was pending his final test result which was in breach of the COVID MIQ guidelines and has put others at risk without them knowing.”

DJ Dimension aka Robert Etheridge Wife And Family

Robert Etheridge is not married and has no wife to speak of. Not much is known about his family.

Dimension shared photos of himself on a Waiheke Island beach on Christmas Day on social media which he has already deleted. This was before he received the news that he had tested positive.

His photo started receiving negative comments after the news became public that he had tested positive for Omicron. 

One such comment was “If anyone gets sick or dies, it’s blood on your hands.”

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