Do Raven Symone Have Kids? Details On Her Marriage And Pregnancy

Do Raven Symone Have Kids? Details On Her Marriage And Pregnancy

While many people are curious to find out if Raven Symone has any kids or children, specifically a daughter, others are curious to find out if she is pregnant. Here is what you need to know. 

Raven Symone Christina Pearman-Maday, professionally recognized as just Raven, is an American professional actress, singer, and songwriter. 

Included in the 100 Greatest Child Stars of All Time list by VH1 in 2012, Raven is a very popular child actress who started her career with The Cosby Show when she was just an infant. 

With her many famous roles and amazing performances as both an actor and singer, she has become a renowned personality. 

However, it is not her professional life that always brings her to the top of the media. People are eager to find out more about her personal life and related matters. 

Indeed, concerns regarding her being a lesbian, her kids, daughter, pregnancy, husband, net worth, and others are at their peak on the web. 

Do Raven Symone Have Kids? Her Child Or Daughter

The rumors of Raven Symone being pregnant and having a daughter started over a decade ago in 2009. 

There were rumors of her giving birth to a baby girl named Lilianna Pearman but there is no evidence to any of this news and neither is there anything about the baby revealed yet. 

While many think that she did have a baby and is keeping her a secret, others think that there is no need of doing that. 

Raven clearly says that she wants a big family, with 4 children, so she would not hide her baby if she had one. 

Also, since she is a lesbian, there were rumors that she got the sperm from her gay friend, following a medical procedure. 

Still, it seems like the rumors of her having a daughter are not real because she strictly denied that she had a baby. 

Is Raven Symone Currently Pregnant? Meet Her Husband

Firstly, Raven Symone does not seem to be pregnant, and secondly, she does not have a husband because she is a lesbian. 

Well, Rave getting pregnant is not a thing that has come up on the web for the first time. 

We have already mentioned what happened about a decade earlier regarding her pregnancy and having a baby. 

A few months ago, she asked, she said that she surely does want children, but they are not doing it right now. 

She is married to her wife Miranda Maday and they got married just a year ago, despite being together for many. 

Also, there’s not much detailed information about Miranda because she is not a renowned personality like her wife. 

Still, Miranda is pretty popular because of their youtube channel. 

Raven Symone Net Worth Explored

Raven Symone has an estimated net worth of about $40 million. 

As an actress and singer for a really long time and a great investor too, she has surely gathered a net worth of about 40 million dollars.