Politician: Does George Christensen Go To Philippines Adult Bar? Everything On His Wife And More

Politician: Does George Christensen Go To Philippines Adult Bar? Everything On His Wife And More

The Australian politician George Christensen is known for visiting the Philippines’ adult entertainment service bar.

George Christensen is a well renowned Australian politician and a member of the Australian parliament.

He is also a former journalist but has been a member of the Australian House of representatives for well over a decade now.

Throughout his decade long political career, Christensen has been a subject of several speculations but the news of him visiting an adult bar in the Philippines remains his biggest controversy.

Recently the politician Christensen has once again come to the headlines for his calls regarding the arrest of two police officers.

This discussion created heated exchanges between National MPs as per The Sydney Morning Herald.

Does George Christensen Go To Philippines Adult Bar?

Well, yes. Reports came out towards the end of 2019 that the politician George Christensen used to be a regular visitor of the Philippines Adult Bar.

The Sydney Morning Herald on addressing the situation back in 2019 has reported that Christensen visited the adult bar in the Philippines for over 300 days between 2014 and 2018.

Furthermore, the owner of the particular adult service bar Ms Lamsen also revealed that he was a regular customer at the venue and was a big spender.

George used to mention having the weakness of ‘women’ and used to visit the place regularly during his Asia visit.

After the news became a major controversy in 2019, there are no reports of such visits since then.

How Old Is George Christensen? Age Revealed

The Australian political personality George Christensen’s age is 43 years old.

As a matter of fact, George was born on June 30, 1978, in Mackay, Australia in the family of the third generation of cane farmers as per his Wikipedia.

It further reports that his ancestors had moved to Australia from Denmark in 1901.

Christensen was involved in politics from an early age. In fact, he joined the Young Nationals at the age of only 15 and became its president from 2003 to 2004.

George Christensen Wife: Who Is He Married To?

George Christensen is married to his wife April Asuncion.

Christensen and Asuncion got married in 2019 after dating for about two years since they first met in 2017 in the Philippines. 

However, he didn’t have an easy acceptance in the general public.

Many people even speculated that Christensen’s wife April was an employee at the Ponytails Bar that he used to visit regularly in Angeles City, the Philippines.

Regardless of all the rumours, George denied all of them by stating them as defamatory.

Why Facebook Removed George Christensen Account?

As per The Guardian, Facebook removed George Christensen’s Facebook video about an anti-lockdown speech.

It further mentions that the anti-lockdown speech made towards federal parliament was removed by Facebook by explaining it ‘contained harmful health information.’

Regardless, it doesn’t look like his whole Facebook account was removed by the social media officials.

Is George Christensen Arrested?

No. The politician George Christensen is not arrested but he made the call to arrest others.

In the latest meeting of the National MPs, Christensen made a call to arrest two police officers who reportedly used excessive force during his anti-lockdown protests.

This unfamiliar and rather unacknowledged call to arrest the public servants made the other MPs rage in anger.

On the counter, they asked George to rather apologise for the protest which further heated the environment resulting in several MPs leaving the Signal chatroom.