Dr De Donno Wikipedia: Why Did Giuseppe De Donno Medico Commit Suicide? Everything To Know

Dr De Donno Wikipedia: Why Did Giuseppe De Donno Medico Commit Suicide? Everything To Know

Dr. Giuseppe De Donno’s bio has yet to be featured on Wikipedia despite being a famous professor and doctor.

Dr. Giuseppe De Donno was an Italian Professor and doctor. He was the supporter of plasma therapy to fight Covid.

The doctor took his own life, as his dead body was found in his home in Curtatone in the Mantua area.

Dr Giuseppe De Donno Wikipedia

Dr. De Donno was an Italian profession. He is also quite notable for being the father of the hyperimmune plasma treatment to fight against Covid.

The professor spent his life in the hospital wards of Mantua as a head physician with his colleague Massimo Franchini.

Dr. Giuseppe used to live with his family, his wife Laura, and two children Martina and Edoardo.

The doctor dedicated his life to medicine. After a diploma from classical high school, he graduated in medicine and surgery at the University of Modena.

Furthermore, his first assignment was in the Diseases Department of the Respiratory System of the Polyclinic of the University of Modena, which began in 1992.

Dr Giuseppe De Donno Medico Eta: How Old Was He?

Dr. Giuseppe Medico Eta (age) was 54 years old when he decided to take his life and left his family and followers.

He was born in 1966 or 1967, as we did not get any verified data regarding his date of birth as well as his zodiac sign.

We are unable to extract his exact height and weight, as he had not broadcast his body measurement publicly when he was alive.

Dr Giuseppe De Donno Facebook

Dr. De Donno was active on Facebook, where he has 15,686 followers to date.

As mentioned in his bio, he used to resides in Mantua, Italy.

He had not posted since the 27th of December 2020 on his Facebook account.

Dr. Giuseppe used to run his Facebook account under the username of Giuseppe De Donno.

He has around 4,959 followers, with 29 posts on his Instagram account. He runs under the name of @docgiuseppedednono.

Why Did Dr. Giuseppe De Donno Medico Commit Suicide? 

According to Breaking Latest News, on the afternoon of Tuesday, 27 July, Dr. Donno Medico committed suicide in his house in Curtatone where he lived with his family.

Likewise, after just 24 hours of his death, the Mantua police prosecutor’s office opened an investigation of his death.

He handed himself at his home when no one was at home, and the specific reason is yet to be surfaced.

The military has seized the doctor’s cell phones and computers after his demise, as per Italy24 News.

His death investigation is going on; let’s see if there occurs some twist or turns on his suicide case or not.