Dr Dominic Pimenta

Dr Dominic Pimenta

Dr. Dominic Pimenta is a doctor who is working as an Interventional Cardiology. He has been treating the patients of COVID-19. He has interests in interventions in cardiac arrest. He is about to do his Ph.D. in this topic in the near future.

Quick Facts:
Name Dr. Dominic Pimenta
Gender Male
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
Profession Cardiology Registrar and Author
Education University College London Medical School, Cardiology NTN program
Twitter @juniordrblog

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in the world he has been treating the patients who have suffered from Coronavirus. He is a graduate of the University College London Medical School in 2012. He has been working in the Cardiology department.

He has been working nonstop since January and has not been home since then. He has also complained about the personal protective equipment saying it’s hot to work and very uncomfortable. As a doctor he has always served people and has always been working for the betterment of his patient.

10 Facts About Dr. Dominic Pimenta:

  1. Dr. Dominic Pimenta seems to be in his thirties but we are unknown about his exact date of birth. 
  2. We are unknown about his height, weight, and also his other various body measurements. 
  3. He is a British who was born in London, United Kingdom. 
  4. Professionally, he is well-known as a cardiology registrar and also an author. 
  5. We are unknown about the information of his parents as well as his siblings. 
  6. The estimated net worth of Dr. Dominic is yet to be known. It will be published once it has been found out. 
  7. We are unknown about his current love life and his children. 
  8. In the year 2012, he completed his medical graduation from the University College London Medical School and later completed his Ph.D. degree from the Cardiology NTN program. 
  9. Dr. Dominic can be easily found on his official Twitter account only. 
  10. In fact, he has been able to gain more than 26.4 thousand followers there. 

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