Dr Kavita Patel

Dr Kavita Patel

Dr. Kavita Patel is a primary care physician. Dr. Patel is also known as the Managing Director of Clinical Transformation.

Quick Facts:
Name Dr. Kavita Patel
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Physician
Education UCLA, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Twitter Kavita Patel, M.D.

Dr. Kavita is a specialist in internal medicine. She has also worked as a director of policy at the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement at White House. Her research leads to delivery system reform, healthcare workforce development, and healthcare financing.

Currently she is working at Johns Hopkins Medicine as a physician.

10 Facts On Dr. Kavita Patel

  1. Dr. Kavita Patel’s actual age is not known. She may be in her forties as of 2020. 
  2. Dr. Patel has a decent height and weight. Her exact height details are not available nor is her weight known. 
  3. The primary care physician may have some net worth. Though the actual income of the doctor is not disclosed yet she seems to have a good amount of net worth. 
  4. Dr. Patel may be a married woman. However, her husband’s name and details are unavailable. She has been hiding her personal life.
  5. The physician seems to be an expert in hiding. She has also not disclosed information about her parents. Nor do we have details about her family origin.
  6. Dr. Kavita completed her medical school from Baylor University. In addition, she completed her doctor of medicine from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. She also has a master of science degree from UCLA.
  7. Dr. Kavita comes from Washington D.C. She is an American citizen.
  8. Dr. Patel has worked as senior advisor for late Edward Kennedy who was a former senator of Massachusets. She is also serving at UCLA Geffen School of Medicine as an instructor. 
  9. Dr. Kavita is invited as a guest expert on various shows like in CBS, MSNBC, and NBC. She also works as an editorial board at Health Affairs. 
  10. Dr. Patel has 7154 followers on her Twitter account. 

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