Queensland MP Duncan Pegg Died From Cancer: Know About His Wife And Family Details

Queensland MP Duncan Pegg Died From Cancer: Know About His Wife And Family Details

Queensland’s MP Duncan Pegg recently died of Terminal Cancer. After this announcement, people are asking questions about his wife, not knowing the fact that he was never married. 

Duncan Pegg was an Australian politician who was known as the Member of Parliament and the Labor member for Stretton in the Queensland Legislative Assembly. 

He was in office at the time of his death, and he had been serving for around 6 years.

Duncan started his office in the year 2015 after the selections and served until his death. 

Duncan has announced a month ago that he will soon be resigning for his cancer treatment, but he never got a chance to do so. 

After the recent news of his death, the general public has been concerned regarding personal details like his wife, children, and others. 

Duncan Pegg Wife And Children

Many people seemed concerned regarding the wife and children of the late politician Duncan Pegg. 

However, he does not have any wife, he was never married, and he had no children. Indeed, Duncan was single at the time of his death. 

Also, there is no information regarding the possible former relationships or any possible children of the politician. 

What Is Duncan Pegg Net Worth?

The Details regarding Duncan Pegg’s net worth have not been revealed yet. 

However, considering the years he spent on politics and specifically as the MP of Queensland, Australia, Duncan must have earned a good fortune. 

Duncan Pegg Cause of Death: Cancer

The cause of Duncan Pegg’s death is terminal cancer. 

There are no details regarding what part of his body did the disease affect, but it was indeed a terminal illness. 

As mentioned, Duncan revealed around 7 weeks ago that he is leaving the parliament for his cancer treatment since he could not fight both of them together. 

His death has affected many people because he was an honorable politician who was loved and respected by many. 

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