Who Is PopularMMOs Girlfriend Elizabeth Heranek? Why Was She Arrested? Details To Know

Who Is PopularMMOs Girlfriend Elizabeth Heranek? Why Was She Arrested? Details To Know

YouTuber PopularMMOs girlfriend Elizabeth Heranek was recently arrested alongside her boyfriend. Read more to find out in detail.

Elizabeth Heranek is the girlfriend of famous YouTuber Patrick Julianelee. 

For all of those who are unaware of Patrick Julianelle, he runs the YouTube channel name PopularMMOS.

His YouTube channel mostly features videos of games and stuff. Patrick is mostly into Minecraft and featured his girlfriend many times on Youtube.

Recently, Elizabeth and her boyfriend Patrick were arrested and released later on. So, what made the official obliged to arrest Patrick and Elizabeth let us discuss.

Elizabeth Heranek Age 

Elizabeth Heranek appears to fall in the age group of 20-30 years old.

Her birthdate is unknown at the moment. We tried looking for her birthday post but there were no posts that can unveil her date of birth.

For now, we made an assumption on her age, by looking at the images online.

Elizabeth Heranek Net Worth

Elizabeth Heranek’s net worth is not revealed anywhere.

The fact that she appeared recently on Youtube can be the reason her net worth is not estimated.

Her boyfriend Patrick Julianelle currently has a net worth of $36 million, according to Celebslifereel.

Elizabeth Heranek Arrested: PopularMMOs Girlfriend

Elizabeth Heranek and Patrick were recently arrested by the police. 

They were accused of battery accusation. Battery accusation simply means the use of force or body power which will eventually lead to mishappenings.

To be free of charge, an alleged person has to convince the judge that the use of force was not intended for harm.

On the other hand, Elizabeth was arrested for lying to the personnel. According to Ahoramismo, both of them shared different stories which made police obliged to arrest them. 

Julianelle wrote on his Twitter, that he was innocent and went in for false charges. Nevertheless, his fans out there were worried after they heard the news of his arrest.

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