Who Is Arpad Flynn Alexander Busson? Meet His Girlfriend Anna De Ferran

Who Is Arpad Flynn Alexander Busson? Meet His Girlfriend Anna De Ferran

Who Is Arpad Flynn Alexander Busson? Flynn Busson is the son of Australian Model and TV personality Elle Macpherson. 

Arpad Flynn Alexander Busson is an American-born Australian personality who is recognized as a very popular family member. 

Born to a family of models, environmentalists, and socially recognized people, Flynn is himself widely recognized across several social media. 

With his recent supermodel girlfriend, a renowned musician, singer, and social sensation, and Flynn’s mother frequently talking about them, he has been a trending sensation. 

Indeed, people seem very concerned regarding his personal life, which explains the numerous searches regarding his age, girlfriend, and mostly, his relationship with his mother. 

For a person who travels to different countries and has a specific hangout location in Miami, London, and New York, such fame and public curiosity seem very obvious. 

Arpad Flynn Alexander Busson: Elle Macpherson Son

Arpad Flynn Alexander Bussonis, the son of the famous Australian Model, tv presenter, and businesswoman Elle Macpherson

Flynn was born to his mother Elle and his father Arpad Busson, a renowned French Financer. 

Elle has been married twice but never with Arpad Busson. Hence, her 2 sons with Busson Flynn, and Cy Andrea Busson, were born after their marriage. 

They were certainly in a relationship, but there is no further information regarding this matter. 

Regarding Elle Macpherson as an individual, she got her fame in the 1980s when she started modeling for several swimsuit brands. 

She was so influential and loved that she was given a nickname after her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, named “The Body.” 

How Old Is Arpad Flynn Alexander Busson?

Arpad Flynn Alexander Busson’s age is 23 years old.

He was born on February 14, 1998, in New York, United States. 

Born to an Australian mother and French Father, Flynn currently resides mostly in New York and sometimes in London, United Kingdom. 

Arpad Flynn Alexander Busson Girlfriend Anna De Ferran

Anna De Ferran is the current girlfriend of Arpad Flynn Alexander Busson. 

There is not much information on when they met each other or how long they have been together, but their relationship seems new. 

Since there is just one picture of them together on Flynn’s Instagram, which was uploaded 5 days ago, such assumptions can be made. 

However, nothing is confirmed yet. Also, Flynn’s mother commented on their picture, which made it go even more viral. 

Regarding his girlfriend as an individual, she is a professional, DJ, singer, and songwriter based in Europe. 

Still, she travels to different places across the United States, Europe, and Australia.