Emil Haidar Wikipedia: Everything To Know About Doda Ex-Boyfriend

Emil Haidar Wikipedia: Everything To Know About Doda Ex-Boyfriend

Emil Haidar’s Wikipedia is a popular subject after he became the partner of famous polish singer Dorota Rabczewska.

Emil Haidar is a polish business person. 

He became famous when he started dating Dorota Rabczweska, a popular singer also known as Doda. 

Their immense love for each other became a highlight for many people.

After a while, the couple got engaged and broke up later. As an ex-boyfriend of Doda, Emil is still a key interest for many people. So Who exactly is Emil Haidar? Let’s unveil all the details of his personal life.

Emil Haidar Wikipedia Explored

Emil Haidar is a Polish businessman. His parents hold Syrian roots whose parents came to Poland in the 1990s.

Emil also has a twin brother who goes by the name of Kamil Haidar.

By profession, he is an oil trader. Emil once became a topic of debate for many of Doda’s fans.

Emil and Doda, who were dating for a long time, separated after their engagement in 2015. 

There are very few details on Emil Haidar’s personal life, but one can follow his Instagram to stick with his daily life updates.

Emil Haidar Wife And Dzieci: Is He Married?

Emil Haidar appears to be married to his wife, Angelika Jakubowska.

Emil’s wife, Angelika, is a Miss Poland 2008 and a runner up in Miss Lower Silesia 2008.

For now, Emil Haidar has two daughters, who he loves more than anything else in the world.

Likewise, his ex-girlfriend, Dorota Rabczewska, is married to Emil Stepien for now.

What Is Emil Haidar Net Worth?

Emil Haidar’s estimated net worth is not revealed anywhere online. But he has given a peek into his wealth via his lavish lifestyle.

It has been reported that Haidar was always up for providing expensive gifts to his ex-partner.

Furthermore, Emil Haidar owns an oil-trading company, which seems to have a booming business lately.

A popular businessman, Emil Haidar must have a net worth above $5 million by now.

Emil Haidar Age And Height: How Old Is He?

Emil Haidar’s age is currently 40 years old.

He was born in 1981 in Lublin. Furthermore, Emil’s genuine birthday has remained obscure to this point.

Talking about his height, he appears to stand above 5 feet 9 inches tall in his images.

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