Emily Hastings

Emily Hastings

Incredibly talented and widely famous female guitarist, Emily Hastings is an American musician. She started singing from an early age and was involved with music as a child.

Emily began performing in musical theatre at the age of 10. She formed a band called Hastings with her sister and was involved with it for many years. But, for now, she’s more focused more on her solo career. 

So far, Hastings hasn’t released any of her solo-projects. However, she’s best known for performing cover songs and uploading them on her YouTube channel which has acquired 226k subscribers as of 2020. 

Quick Facts:

Name Emily Hastings
Age 30-35
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Musician, Guitarist
Married/Single Married
Husband Warleyson Almeida
Instagram @emilyrosehastings

A few of her content has garnered over a million views and Emily is today recognized as one of the best female guitarists. 

10 Facts on Emily Hastings

  1. Although Emily Hastings is a well-known guitarist, her age remains a secret. Perhaps, the talented musician is in her early 30s.
  2. For now, information relating to her earnings and net worth also is undisclosed. Whilst her musical career may have started a long time back, she hasn’t yet found the desired success on a mainstream platform.  
  3. Currently, Emily hasn’t yet been featured on Wikipedia. Hopefully, our article presents some interesting facts about the young starlet for our readers. 
  4. With her talent, she has attracted a total of 31k followers on her Instagram. Once she becomes known as a mainstream artist, she will likely attract a huge following.
  5. Emily Hastings is married to her longtime boyfriend, Warleyson Almeida. As a matter of fact, she’s all set to release her first solo record with her husband.
  6. Speaking of marriage, Emily hasn’t shared details about her wedding. Nonetheless, her spouse is a well-known Brazillian guitarist who helped her polish her rock and metal skills. 
  7. Emily graduated with a major in International studies. Later, she graduated from law school and holds a law degree. 
  8. However, her true passion was with music and she pursued her career in that direction. Once in the past, she had also worked on a movie set. 
  9. Hastings’ hobbies include traveling, walking, running, reading, and watching Netflix. 
  10. The young starlet can speak Brazillian and Portuguese fluently. Since she had lived in Brazil for 3 years, it helped her learn the Brazilian language. 

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