Eric Adams Partner: Is The NYC Mayoral Candidate Gay?

Eric Adams Partner: Is The NYC Mayoral Candidate Gay?

Who is Eric Adams partner? The NYC Mayoral candidate’s silence on his love life has given a boost to several gay rumors surrounding him. 

Eric Adams is a retired American police officer who pursued politics to continue serving the nation even after his retirement.

After completing his service years, Eric represented the State Senate of New York and was also chosen as Brooklin Borough President.

Furthermore, he was the first African-American to have held such a high position in the history of New York.

Recently, Adams announced his candidacy for the 2021 New York Mayoral Election.

Eric Adams Partner: Is The NYC Mayoral Candidate Gay?

NYC Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams hasn’t mentioned his romantic partner in public, which has further given rise to gay rumors.

In a recent reveal from NYMag, it is known that he owns a co-op with his partner but due to his busy schedule, they mostly meet in the city.

This simple statement created a buzz among many people stimulating their doubts about him being gay.

Similarly, their doubts became strong as he strongly denied revealing any details about his partner.

However, regarding his apartment connecting with his current living scenario, he is suspected to be living in the office recently.

Eric Adams Married Life And Family

The famous politician of New York, Eric Leroy Adams is yet to be married as of now and not much is known about his family.

However, he has a son from his former girlfriend Chrisena Coleman, who grew up with her mother and shares her last name.

His son is already 25 years old and is an accomplished filmmaker-author called Jordan Coleman.

Moreover, Eric seems to have restricted himself with work his whole life which made him distant from his only family, that is his son.

Eric Adams Net Worth

Eric Adams is a well-known politician with an estimated net worth of $7 million, as per PeopleAi.

Eric is the Borough President of Brooklyn which provides him with a stable income. 

Furthermore, he is a retired police officer having a retirement allowance or a retirement package from his decades of service as well.

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