Who Is Eric Domb? Meet Beatriz Zimmermann Boyfriend On Instagram

Who Is Eric Domb? Meet Beatriz Zimmermann Boyfriend On Instagram

Eric Domb is a Belgian businessman, who is currently in a relationship with Beatriz Zimmermann from Spain.

Eric Domb is the founder and CEO of a Zoo in Belgium called Pairi Daiza.

He was a successful and renowned lawyer of Belgium with his own financial consulting company making enough earning.

But, at the age of 32, he felt that his profession was just a product of his parents’ wish and that his actual interests were ignored by him.

Thus, he decided to become a businessman and focus on promoting his love for nature and culture along with a business venture.

The idea for opening a zoo aroused in his mind after he suddenly came to the realization that he could turn his love for nature into business.

Hence, he established a privately owned zoo and botanical garden called Pairi Daiza in the city of Brugelette in Belgium.

Who is Belga Eric Domb- Beatriz Zimmermann Novio/ Boyfriend?

Belgium businessman Eric Domb is the person, who is currently dating Beatriz Zimmermann of Spain.

As a businessman from Belgium, Eric has a company called Tropical Mar SL which supports agriculture activities in Spain.

Eric has fallen for Beatriz and had started dating her for some time now and even made plans to shift to Belgium along with her daughters.

Since they were happy with each other, her jealous ex-husband Tomás Gimeno did something so absurd that shocked the whole nation.

According to ClarinInternational, Thomas had kidnapped his two daughters and killed them both by drowning deep under the sea.

Eric Domb Edad And Wikipedia

Eric Domb’s age (edad) is currently 60 years old and a Belgian entrepreneur who owns the Pairi Daiza Nature Park as per Wikipedia.

Similarly, he is a law graduate from Univerisity of Lovain for Catholics along with economic education from EHSAL.

Domb was a lawyer and tax consultant for Coopers& Lybrand during his early days and later founded his own financial advisory firm.

Later in 1993, he established the Parc Paradisio bird park, which became the Pairi Daiza zoo and nature park in the future.

Furthermore, he is not available on Instagram as per our search results.

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