Who Is Eric McClure Fiance Keira Brinegar Tibbs? Meet Her On Facebook

Who Is Eric McClure Fiance Keira Brinegar Tibbs? Meet Her On Facebook

Keira Brinegar Tibbs is mourning the death of her fiance Eric McClure, who passed away on May 2, 2021. Here’s everything we know. 

Keira Brinegar Tibbs is most prominently recognized as the fiancee of former professional stock car driver Eric McClure. 

Her fiance Eric McClure passed away at the age of 42. The cause of his death is, however, not disclosed officially.

But, according to CNN, Eric was battling with several grave health issues for a few years. He retired as a stock car driver in 2016 as he was suffering from multiple health ailments. 

He was diagnosed with a severe musculoskeletal disorder. Also, he had rhabdomyolysis which put him on compartment syndrome and full kidney failure.

However, after undergoing dialysis and multiple surgeries, Eric was recovering.

The sad news of his death has left everyone in shock as he was seen active on social media before his passing away.

His fans, friend, and close relatives have taken to Twitter and social media to express their heartfelt condolence at his untimely demise. 

Who Is Eric McClure Fiance Keira Brinegar Tibbs?

Keira Brinegar Tibbs is a dental assistant and phlebotomist in her professional life. 

Additionally, she is also a make-up artist. 

Keira and Eric got engaged on September 18, 2020, and she announced the news via her Twitter account. 

Moreover, Keira is also the mother of two children from her previous relationship. 

Her fiance Eric was also married to his ex-wife Miranda for fourteen years and had seven daughters with her. They separated in 2018. 

Keira Brinegar Tibbs Age: How Old Is She?

Keira Brinegar Tibbs’s age is most probably in her 30s, judging from his pictures online. 

However, as we lack concrete information regarding her birth, we could not estimate her real age.

Keira Brinegar Tibbs On Facebook

Keira Brinegar Tibbs confirmed the news of her fiance Eric’s death through her Facebook account.

She posted a sweet picture of the two on her Facebook and wrote a beautiful yet equally heartbreaking caption to announce the death of the love of her life. 

Furthermore, Keira is also active on Instagram where she frequently shares pictures of her children and personal life. 

Keira Brinegar Tibbs Family

As of now, Keira Brinegar Tibbs has not discussed any specific information regarding her family, including her parents and siblings. 

The only known member of her family was Eric.

What Is Keira Brinegar Net Worth?

Keira Brinegar Tibbs’s verified net worth has not been determined yet. 

Neither any media sources nor Keira herself has divulged any details concerning her income and net value. 

But as a dental assistant and phlebotomist, she must earn enough money to sustain a good life for herself and her family. 

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