Actor Ernie Lively Dies At 74: Cause Of Death And Everything To Know

Actor Ernie Lively Dies At 74: Cause Of Death And Everything To Know

Famous actor Ernie Lively had added an enormous net worth at the time of his last breathe. Let’s learn more about his career and personal life.

Ernie Lively was a renowned American actor and acting coach.

He was mainly known for his portrayal in the movies such as The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Passenger 57, etc.

Likewise, Ernie was active in the film industry from 1975, and his latest project was Phobic, where he played the character of Jack Sanders. Apart from that, Ernie has also directed Sandman.

Ernie Lively was one of the most admired personalities in the showbiz industry, but he sadly left this world on June 3, 2021. 

What Was Ernie Lively Net Worth?

The renowned actor Ernie Lively had earned a massive fortune from his career, and his net worth was estimated at around $1.5 million.

He was also an acting coach and had helped him gain more money.

There is no doubt that Ernie lived a luxurious lifestyle with such a massive income.

Ernie Lively Wife, Children, And Family

Entering this topic, Ernie Lively was happily married to his wife, Elaine Lively.

The couple ended their wedding ceremony in 1979, and they had children, Blake and Eric Lively.

His wife, Elaine, was previously married, and after getting wedded to Erine, they adopted children from her previous marriage, Robyn and Jason Lively.

Further, Ernie’s wife is a talent manager, and all of their children are actors.

Moreover, Ernie Lively resided in Heber City, Utah, with his wife. 

Ernie Lively Cause OF Death

Ernie Lively died on June 3, 2021, aged 74.

He died in Los Angeles, California, the USA, due to cardiac complications.

Further, Ernie had suffered a heart attack in 2003. Also, he was treated with stem-cell therapy in November 2013, and Ernie became the first person to be treated with experimental retrograde gene therapy for the heart.

The whole showbiz industry is devastated after the sad death of Ernie Lively.

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