Estefania Villarreal Weight Loss And More: Everything About The Rebelde Netflix Cast

Estefania Villarreal Weight Loss And More: Everything About The Rebelde Netflix Cast

Estefania Villarreal’s weight loss is astounding. Compared to her previous self, she had maintained her body well and now looks like Barbie.

Estefania Villarreal is a professional actress from Mexico.

She is best known for her performance as Celina Ferrer on the Mexican television series ‘Rebelde’.

Despite being her first-ever professional work as an actress on the 2004 series, Villarreal came out of the series as a top-notch actress which landed her roles in other series as well.

Now, with the reprised version of ‘Rebelde’ being created by Netflix, fans are awaiting the new Spanish series. She is invested in the 2022 season of the original classic as well.

And the new viewers who have yet to find out about the classic one are interested in knowing about the 2004 Rebelde cast Estefania Villarreal but the people who are following her since her early years are more interested in her weight loss.

Estefania Villarreal Weight Loss

Estefania Villarreal lost 70 kilos of her weight.

The actress surprised the entire fanbase of Rebelde as well as her fans and professional colleagues after she revealed the remarkable weight loss.

Villarreal, who became a well-known face in the Mexican entertainment industry, was hugely criticized by the people for her physical appearance.

 Talking about her astonishing body transformation, Villarreal opened up about her weight loss where she acknowledged the strict diet and exercise routine she followed.

Her fans, well-wishers as well as colleagues welcomed the transformation she had gone through and now Villarreal is more than ready to showcase her talent to the entertainment industry.

Meet Estefania Villarreal Boyfriend

Estefania Villarreal is engaged with her longtime boyfriend Gidi Schwartz.

Villarreal said yes to Schwartz’s proposal in September 2020. They are yet to announce the details of their marriage.

Schwartz, who celebrates his birthday on the 7th of May every year, is an entrepreneur who lives a luxurious lifestyle.

While both of them are deeply in love with each other, the couple is yet to shed light on their relationship history.

Schwartz’s Instagram reveals that he is a water-loving foodie and a person who loves to do trips.

Estefania Villarreal Height And Instagram Details

Estefania Villarreal stands a normal height of woman but her measured height is undisclosed at the moment.

She could measure an average height of fewer than 5ft. 8-inches which could be a perfect one for an actress.

Now, with her weight loss, the 34-years-old looks even taller than how she used to look.

Villarreal can be found on Instagram as @estefaniavillarrealvillarreal.

She provides an insight into her professional and personal details on the picture-sharing platforms to her 831k followers.

About Author: Yogesh Budathoki

Last Modified: January 6, 2022

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