Is Fabian Delph Arrested? Which Premier League Footballer Is Accused Of Pedophile Allegations?

Is Fabian Delph Arrested? Which Premier League Footballer Is Accused Of Pedophile Allegations?

A professional footballer is rumored of being arrested and suspended from Premier League after several child sexual abuse allegations. Is that player Fabian Delph?

Fabian Delph is a professional English football player known as the central midfielder for the English National Team and Premier League club, Everton.

A husband and father of 2, Fabian, is an active player in the premier league and is very popular for his skills and amazing game style.

As people say everything does not appear to be what they look like, something similar is happening in the life of Fabian.

There are certain rumors regarding him that might completely destroy his career as an athlete or anything else, but there is no conformity regarding this case yet.

After the rumors of him being involved in Pedophilic activities, people’s concerns regarding his arrest, suspension, and even his personal life are at their peak.

Is Fabian Delph Arrested? Premier League Player Suspended

No, Fabian Delph is not arrested. There is no confirmation yet on who is the premier league player involved in pedophile allegations.

Beginning with the allegations and case, it has been reported that a 31 years old player from the Everton club was accused of child sexual violation.

The police reported that he was a 31-year-old man, who is married and has 2 children himself.

It has been reported that one out of 4 suspected players were arrested and are currently out on bail.

So, it is not known if the player is Fabian Delph. Still, people are making vague assumptions and thinking that it is possibly him.

Regarding suspension, whoever is responsible for the crime will not just be suspended but will be banned from the premier league.

But, since we do not know if it is Fabian Delph or somebody else, so there is no confirmed news regarding his suspension.

Who Is Fabian Delph Wife?

Fabian Delph is married to a beautiful wife named Natalie Delph. 

There is not much detailed information on who his wife is or what she does as an individual.

Moreover, they got married about 8 years ago in the year 2013 and they have 2 children together: Sophia Delph and Aleya Delph.

How Old Is Fabian Delph?

Fabian Delph’s age is 31 years old.

He was born on November 21, 1989, in Bradford, United Kingdom.

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Fabian Delph Salary & Net Worth

Fabian Delph gets an annual salary of over $567,000 for his contribution to Everton and he also gets a certain salary for being a national player of the English Team.

Also, he has a net worth of over 20.5 million dollars, since he is a professional player with such an incredible salary.

Well, not just salary but these players are ought for a certain amount. Which even if not revealed, amounts to millions of dollars.

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