Fact Check: Does Tony Bennett Wear A Wig? Everything On His Nationality And More

Fact Check: Does Tony Bennett Wear A Wig? Everything On His Nationality And More

Does Tony Bennett wear a wig? Yes, the legendary singer wears a toupee and has been wearing it for years now. 

Tony Bennett, born Anthony Dominick Benedetto, is a retired singer who found fame in the early 1950s after the release of his debut single, Because of You. 

He went on to release many songs and albums thereafter. His albums including The Beat of My Heart and Basie Swings, Bennett Sings helped him reach an artistic peak back in the day. 

Fact Check: Does Tony Bennett Wear A Wig?

Yes, Tony Bennett wears a wig. 

According to therichest.com, Bennett has been wearing a wig almost all his life. He went bald early in his life when he started to age so he took the help of a hair toupee. 

The singer also became the subject of criticism for wearing wigs over the years. Many people lambasted him for the kind of wigs he wore. 

He once wore a jet black full toupee and he was heavily criticized for it. Now, he wears a grey hair toupee that’s more appropriate for his age and still manages to look dashing than ever. 

Who Is Tony Bennett Married To? Wife Name Revealed

Tony Bennett has been married thrice. He married his first wife, Patricia Beech, on 12 February 1952. 

Patricia was an Ohio art student and jazz fan. They began dating after they met at a nightclub performance in Cleveland a year prior to getting married. 

Tony has two children, both sons D’Andrea and Daegal, from his first partner before separating in 1965. Their divorce was finalized in 1971.

Next, he tied the knot with his second wife Sandra Grant in 1971, the same year his divorce with Patricia became official. After they separated, Tony became involved with Grant, an aspiring actress.

The two got close while filming for their film The Oscar in 1965. They lived together for many years before officially getting married. 

He has two daughters, Joanna and Antonia, from Grant. This marriage also did not last long and they divorced in 1983.

Then, he was involved in a long-term relationship with his third wife Susan Crow. She grew up in a family of Tony’s fans and was 40 years his junior.

In fact, Tony had also clicked a photo with her partner’s mother when she was pregnant with Ms. Crow. The pair married in a private wedding ceremony in 2007, as per his Wikipedia

Tony Bennett Nationality & Religion Explored

Tony Bennett holds American nationality. His religion is Christianity.

His parents were Italian by origin but migrated to the United States to start a better life.

Bennet’s father moved to the USA in 1906. Anna, his mother, was born in America shortly after her parents emigrated from Italy in 1899. 

He has an older sister Mary and an older brother John Jr. 

Is Tony Bennett Alive?

Yes, Tony Bennett is alive. He recently celebrated his 95th birthday on August 3 this year. 

According to USA Today, pop star Lady Gaga, who had been performing live with Bennett for the last decade, performed their final concert together, One Last Time, that aired on CBS and Paramount+ on November 28.

The concert was a tribute to Bennett’s musical career before his retirement. It was recorded on his 95th birthday so it was also a birthday celebration for the legendary singer. 

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