Fact Check: Is Jason Genao Trans Man? Detail On His Eye Bags And More

Fact Check: Is Jason Genao Trans Man? Detail On His Eye Bags And More

Is Jason Genao straight or trans man? Amidst these emerging rumors and claims, let’s find out the truth below in the article. 

Jason Genao is an American Actor. 

Having over 1 dozen of acting credits to his name, some of the blockbuster hit dramas are Logan, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Get Down, etc.

Is Jason Genao Trans Man?

The answer to whether Jason Genao is a trans man or not still remains questionable.

There are no official web portals making confirmation on this unbelievable rumor. Even the actor himself has never opened or came out about his real sexual identity. 

Jason Genao Age: How Old Is He?

The young actor Jason Genao’s age is 25 years old in 2021.

Born in the year 1996, his birthday is celebrated on the 3rd of July every year by him.

Discovering his talent and passion for being an artist at a really young age, he made his dream possible with his hard work and dedication.

Who Are Jason Genao Parents? 

Jason Genao’s parents are named Maria Chiki Genao And Mr. Genao. 

Having his birthplace in New Jersey, the On My Block actor was born to Hominian Republic native parents. In January 2021, he lost his mom to covid-19 and as a tribute and memory, Jason dedicated his acting appearance to On My Block‘s seasons to his mother Maria.

It is also known that his family consists of his older brother who helped in funding his dreams and weaved an attainable one. He mostly credits his father and brother for paying his art school fees, thus, helping him be an actor and fulfill and forge ahead his childhood dream and passion.

What Happened To Jason Genao Eye Bags?

We can surely notice Jason Genao’s eye bags or dark circles.  

He once tweeted in 2018 that he has not slept since early 2000. Maybe his lack of sleep could be one of the reasons for him getting eye bags underneath his eye.

But, in the recent pictures of his, we could see the disappearance of those eyes bags. Either the actor has had his eyes treated or he has covered himself with make-up and touch-ups.  

Where Is Jason Genao Now?

Jason Genao is now busy in promotions of his new Netflix’s appeared show.

We could see him sharing snippets of the videos of his interviews and all, along with his other fellow co-actors on Instagram.