Fact Check: Ivan Putski Death Hoax: Is He Dead Or Still Alive? Everything To Know About The Former Wrestler

Fact Check: Ivan Putski Death Hoax: Is He Dead Or Still Alive? Everything To Know About The Former Wrestler

With the death rumors of Ivan Putski going on, his fans are desperately wanting to know if those rumors are true or not. Ivan seems to be still alive.

Ivan Putski is a Polish former professional wrestler and bodybuilder. 

The 1995 WWF Hall of Famer initially aspired to be a football player and thought of building his career in football sports. However, a physical injury crushed his aspirations and opened the hopes of the door in the wrestling field. 

Ivan Putski Death Hoax: Is He Dead Or Still Alive?

Ivan Putski’s death is only a hoax as he is still very much alive and not dead.

There is no official confirmed news about the legendary Polish Power athlete’s death. 

It is confirmed by one of the Twitters users named David Peck who shared a picture alongside old yet strong Ivan Putski and note that the rumor about his passing is totally false.

The rumors about Ivan Putski’s demise caught people’s attention after they saw it in a LinkedIn post and shared it on Twitter. Almost a week ago, The Radisson Hotel Group Americas shared the unfortunate news about the former WWF wrestler, whose daughter is an employee of that business.  

Ivan Putski Age: How Old Is The Ex Wrestler?

In 2021, the ex-wrestler Ivan Putski’s age is precisely 80 years old.

His date of birth as recorded in the virtual platform is 21st of January, 1941.

Who Is Ivan Putski Wife? Details On His Children and Family 

Ivan Putski’s wife’s name is Carolyn Sarker, whom he married in the year 1965.

That means, the wrestler got married at age 24. Furthermore, he also shares a son named Scott and Melisa with his partner.

On the contrary, IMDb listed Ivan Putski’s wife as Nancy Pearson. Either one of the answers is true or it is also possible that the wrestler might have got married two times.

The Putski family and younger generations also followed the footprints of Ivan Putski and have ventured into or has come across the wrestling/ physical fighting sector.

His family also includes his non-blood-related granddaughter called Rachel Summerlyn, aged 35, who also tried her hands on professional wrestling. But, later, she got retired as a professional wrestler.   

Furthermore, his family has not come out forward to make any confirmations on Ivan’s death. We can also see that his social media active son Scott also has not updated anything. 

How Much Is Ivan Putski Worth? 

Ivan Putski’s net worth is found in millions as analyzed and evaluated by some sites.

According to Buzz Learn, his total sum of money is estimated to range between $1 million to $5 millions.